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About DTSS

About DTSS

About the Debt to Success System

We are Americans in Pursuit of Life, Liberty & Freedom

About DTSS

Learn about DTSS's leadership, mission, goals, core values, and our cause for a Free World Order.

The Debt to Success System

CrowdThe Debt to Success System, humbly founded in January 2004, is a rapidly growing force of driven, dedicated and determined, freedom loving patriots from all walks of life. To us every one of our Members is our family and together we amount to one strong, growing force in this cause for worldwide freedom.

DTSS Leadership

Mark of FreedomDTSS is lead by the "Mark of Freedom." A man of tremendous courage, passion, determination and experience for the execution of freeing you from debt, taxes, government authority, and restoring all of your freedoms.

DTSS Mission & Goal

MissionWe've proudly taken on the vital and enormous task of educating freedom loving Americans with the truth about their enslavement and the New World Order; educating each and every individual who's been hoodwinked and blinded by the banking elite's propaganda media machine. Through spreading the truth we are laying the groundwork for the restoration of America's freedom and our plan for a Free World Order.

Our concerted, expanding efforts will constantly and endlessly improve the quality of our program services to rapidly awaken the population and peacefully restore our freedom.

DTSS Core Values


  • Freedom & Wealth
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Love & Joy
  • Gratefulness
  • Empathy & Compassion
  • Leadership
  • Health & Vitality
  • Fun & Happiness
  • Responsibility
  • Intelligence & Communication

Join DTSS on This Mission

Start making a difference by regaining your free human "corrected nationality" status, becoming a Secured Party Creditor, discharging your debt and learning the key formulas to being, doing and having anything you ever dreamed.

This process will free you and your loved ones while being a strong, peaceful resistance to the powers that be. Understanding the realities of the world isn't enough, real action is required - ENROLL YOURSELF TODAY or inquire below.

Inquire Today

Complete Freedom

In DTSS's Complete Freedom Membership Programs your freedom is restored, you are no longer subject to ANY of the tens of millions of U.S. Government victimless crime laws, income taxes, judgements, licenses, permits, incarceration, etc.. You regain ownership of your body and can put whatever you decide in it. Plus so much more!

Debt Discharge

In DTSS's Debt Discharge Membership Programs you're out of mortgage loans, student loans, (vehicle loans for those who qualify), taxes, credit cards and unsecured debts, effortlessly, quickly and easily, once and for all, with a lower monthly payment, ending with a better debt-to-income ratio and a brand new credit profile. Plus so much more!

Complete Freedom
& Debt Discharge

In DTSS's Complete Freedom, Debt Discharge Membership Programs you'll receive all of the potent benefits of both programs, freedom from the tens of millions of U.S. Government victimless crime laws, your debts are discharged with a much lower monthly payment, ending with a better debt-to-income ratio, etc. Plus so much more!

Freedom Education

The Freedom Education portion of your program consists of 12 modules made up of an expanding amount of content hand selected by truly free advisers. These modules include some of the content read before, during and after they became completely free from government and debt.

Success Education

The Success Education portion of your program consists of 18 modules made up of over 180 hours of videos hand selected by truly successful advisers. These modules include some of the audio-books read before, during and after they became very wealthy, happy and healthy.

Freedom Extras

In the DTSS Membership Programs you'll receive access to other benefits like irrevocable common law trusts, allodial title on real property, commercial liens, vehicle de-registration, lawful traveler plates, CPS child retrieval, and victimless crime incerceration release.

Time is of the essence! Inquire today.

Your freedoms are being wiped away by the minute. Either restore your freedom now or live a life of serfdom, and allow your offspring to suffer the most egregious model of bondage the world has ever seen. No more time to think about it.

Your Membership supports our cause for a Free World Order enabling the manifestation of Free Necessity, Resource Based Economic Communities, along with Restoring America's Freedom. Take action NOW! You'll feel wonderful that you did.

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