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General F. A. Q.

Debt to Success System - DTSS General FAQ

Debt to Success System - DTSS
General F. A. Q.

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About DTSS Q&A

We are a rapidly growing organization of driven, dedicated and determined, freedom loving patriots from all walks of life. To us every one of our Members is our family and together we amount to one strong, growing force in this cause. Learn more about DTSS, our Staff, Members, Leadership, Mission, Goals, and Core Values.

DTSS has built the most advanced Complete Freedom, Debt Discharge Membership Programs in the world. All delivered via customized, automated document creation, automated email notifications, and step by step instructions.

We are extremely grateful for our Never Ending Quality Improvement via extensive research and development by countless experts, which have lead us to develop lawful administrative remedies designed to anticipate and overcome the de facto Federal Government's, state's, county's, alleged creditor's, and debt collector's subterfuge, and other unscrupulous maneuvers.

All of the above, built on a state-of-the-art infrastructure, and robust software systems that provide our Members what are deemed to be the best methods for completely freeing themselves, and discharging alleged debts. We unceasingly work to improve the quality of our programs.

DTSS has Contracted Workers all across North America. We have an office on Guatemala for the following reasons:

  • Banking on North America is currently next to impossible for our type of enterprises.
  • Being located on a different continent adds to the fact we are out of U.S. jurisdiction.
  • Accepting their currency solidifies we aren't conducting trade or business in the U.S.
  • The Guatemalan location is mandatory in the reorganization of Member CQV Trusts.
  • We will open many other offices in far more countries in our efforts to free humanity.
  • Guatemala is not a police state. There is a very small fraction of victimless crime laws.
  • There's a real Free Market Economy, rather than a Communist or Socialist economy.
  • Guatemalans own their homes and vehicles, and are not strangled by massive debts.
  • People keep their earnings as there is a laissez faire Guatemalan income tax system.
  • The equivalent of ten dollars buys what thirty to forty dollars buys on North America.
  • Foreigners make up 35% of the economy, thus police and government treat us great.
  • The people aren't divided and conquered, therefore they don't fight each other here.
  • Most can lawfully live here as long as they want with zero hassles, and no paperwork.
  • Organic health food is plentiful on Guatemala. Genetically modified food is very rare.
  • We can purchase almost any medicines we require without prescriptions or doctors.
  • 97% of the water is clean and flouride free eliminating lethargy among all the people.
  • We are not being fumagated, and there have been no chemtrails being sprayed here.
  • They aren't about to microwave the entire Guatemalan population with 5G radiation.
  • We can travel freely, and get on a plane without see-through clothing, full body scans.
  • A volcanic climate is abundantly healthy for everyone's energy, body, mind and spirit.

Office Hours of DTSS Q&A

We have Freedom Specialists, Processing Specialists, and Member Care Specialists available:

  • 8:00AM to 5:00PM PST, MON-FRI
  • 9:00AM to 6:00PM MST, MON-FRI
  • 10:00AM to 7:00PM CST, MON-FRI
  • 11:00AM to 8:00PM EST, MON-FRI

Contacting DTSS Q&A

Your qualified, informed, easy enrollment is very important to us. For pre-enrollment we offer access to personal Freedom Specialists by sending a message via the channels listed below. Inquiry Forms, Email, Live Chat, Phone, Fax, Text, or Member Registration, most of which auto-generate a Member Enrollment Ticket for tracking, and are instantly assigned to one of our Freedom Specialists.

Our knowledgable friendly Freedom Specialists are available to answer your questions, and take action, giving you peace of mind knowing the help you require for enrollment is there whenever you require it.

  • Email: Contact Us
  • Chat: Bottom Left
  • Tel: (800) 490-4495
  • Fax: (855) 490-4495
  • Text: (855) 450-6866
  • Enroll: Registration

Our Members are very important to us. For post-enrollment we offer unlimited personal Member Care by sending a message via the channels listed below. Email, Live Chat, Phone, Fax, Text, Knowledge Base or Member Care Ticket, most of which auto-generate a Member Care Ticket for tracking, and are instantly assigned to one of our Member Care Specialists.

Our knowledgable friendly Member Care Specialists are available to answer your questions, and take action, giving you peace of mind knowing the help you require for your program is there whenever you require it.

Compensating DTSS Q&A

We currently accept Credit Cards, ACH checks via, Bank Wires, and the occasional Money Gram or Western Union.

Most Members become tax exempt after Step 9 of their Membership Program. You may put the entire Member Dues on a credit card, then discharge the total amount. Or, you may utilize our generous Referral Bonus to cover Member Dues.

Restore Your Freedom & Discharge Your Debt!

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Your freedoms are being wiped away by the minute. Either restore your freedom now or live a life of serfdom, and allow your offspring to suffer the most egregious model of bondage the world has ever seen. No more time to think about it.

Your Membership supports our cause for a Free World Order enabling the manifestation of Free Necessity, Resource Based Economic Communities, along with Restoring America's Freedom. Enroll NOW! You'll feel wonderful that you did.

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