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General F. A. Q.

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About DTSS Q&A

We are a rapidly growing organization of driven, dedicated and determined, freedom loving patriots from all walks of life. To us every one of our Members is our family and together we amount to one strong, growing force in this cause. Learn more about DTSS, our leadership, mission, goals, and core values.

We have successfully discharged a towering volume of alleged debt since our founding in 2004. DTSS has built the most advanced Complete Freedom, Debt Discharge Membership Program in the world.

DTSS has invested heavily in research, testing, infrastructure and software to provide our Members with what are deemed to be the best methods to completely free you from the totalitarian U.S. Government, as well as all state, county, and city levels and to discharge debt. Not to mention we will teach you real proven secrets to live freely and successfully so that you can be, do or have anything you ever dreamed.

We are extremely grateful for our Never Ending Quality Improvement via extensive research and development by countless experts for the success of our programs.

Thanks to them we have developed state-of-the-art legal administrative remedies, designed to anticipate and overcome every variation of government and creditor response. This includes asset protection, law suit protection, and Freedom Extras such as our offensive commercial lien filing strategies against violators of your rights. We will constantly and endlessly work to improve the quality of our program services.

Office Hours of DTSS Q&A

We have Freedom Specialists, Processing Specialists and Member Care Specialists available:

  • 8:00AM to 5:00PM PST, MON-FRI
  • 9:00AM to 6:00PM MST, MON-FRI
  • 10:00AM to 7:00PM CST, MON-FRI
  • 11:00AM to 8:00PM EST, MON-FRI

Contacting DTSS Q&A

Your qualified, informed, easy enrollment is very important to us. For pre-enrollment we offer these complete FAQs, live chat, email, and live Freedom Specialist phone consultations. Our knowledgeable friendly Freedom Specialists are available to answer your questions and walk you through enrollment with ease.

  • Phone: Toll free (800) 490-4495
  • Fax: Toll free (855) 490-4495
  • Email: Contact page
  • Chat: Bottom left corner

Our Members are very important to us. For post-enrollment we offer a complete FAQ via our Knowledge Base and unlimited personal email Member Care by sending a Member Care Ticket inside the Member Area. Or you may send us a Member Care Ticket right on our Contact page.

An email sent to our Member Care team auto-generates a Member Care Ticket for tracking and is instantly assigned to one of our Member Care Specialists. You can Contact us via Live Chat and phone as well. Our knowledgable friendly Member Care Specialists are available to answer your questions, and take action, giving you peace of mind knowing the help you require is there whenever you require it.

  • Fax: Toll free (855) 490-4495
  • Email: Contact page
  • Chat: Bottom left corner
  • Knowledge Base: Member area
  • Member Care Ticket: Member area

Compensating DTSS Q&A

We currently accept ACH electronic checks. We are working to establish precious metal payments via Bitgold and/or gold backed wallet currencies. We do not accept credit cards, Money Gram or Western Union.

Join DTSS on This Mission

Start making a difference by regaining your free "corrected nationality" status, becoming a Secured Party Creditor, discharging your debt and learning the key formulas to being, doing and having anything you ever dreamed.

This process will free you and your loved ones while being a strong, peaceful resistance to the powers that be. Understanding the realities of the world isn't enough, real action is required - ENROLL YOURSELF TODAY or inquire below.

Inquire Today

Time is of the essence! Inquire today.

Your freedoms are being wiped away by the minute. Either restore your freedom now or live a life of serfdom, and allow your offspring to suffer the most egregious model of bondage the world has ever seen. No more time to think about it.

Your Membership supports our cause for a Free World Order enabling the manifestation of Free Necessity, Resource Based Economic Communities, along with Restoring America's Freedom. Enroll NOW! You'll feel wonderful that you did.

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