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Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank

Protests at the Atlanta Federal Reserve Were Against the Illegal and Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System Supported by the US Government.

The Atlanta Federal Reserve protests called for the abolishment of the Fed. They were held in Atlanta but they could have been held in any one of the eleven other regional Fed headquarters as well. It didn’t matter which, they’re all illegal. 

They could have been held in New York City, Cleveland, St Louis, Minneapolis, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City, Philadelphia or Richmond. All these places are headquarters to the regional Federal Reserve Banks which, in turn, own the central Federal Reserve Bank.

Indeed, if the U.S. financial crisis continues with the deficit running at a record 7% of GDP, or $1 trillion, and the tremendous debt burden on Americans only growing, similar protests can be expected.

It is important to note that Atlanta was not targeted in particular for the protests. It just happened that a considerable number of Atlanta residents decided to make their feelings about the role of the Fed in America’s financial life be heard.

The Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank building was targeted by the protesters, but it is merely one of the twelve pillars on which the Federal Reserve System is based.

The Atlanta Federal Reserve protests were about the high-handed, secretive, and frankly destructive Federal Reserve System, which controls the financial life of the United States

Perhaps Georgians are a little more sensitive about the Federal Reserve System because the system was dreamt up and finalized on Jekyll Island off the Georgia coast.

The Bankers Scheme

The plan came to fruition with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which President Woodrow Wilson signed into law. Behind the talks was a Congressman named Nelson W. Aldrich who was, not coincidentally, the father-in-law of John D. Rockefeller Jr.

A group of the world’s most powerful financiers, including men with surnames such as Rothschild, Schill, and Warburg, were behind the creation of the Fed. It is, in a nutshell, a secret and totally private organization that exists entirely to make profits.

The Fed does this with consummate ease as it has the sole right to print the currency of the United States. The government may borrow money from the Fed and the Fed only.

Today the public and private sectors in the United States are so beholden to the Fed, there is no chance of them ever paying back the principle owed unless the dollar is devalued by several thousand percent overnight.

How the Fed Profits

The Fed prints the money of the nation at will. There is nothing on which the U.S. dollar is based; nothing physical, nothing with intrinsic value. The dollar is not redeemable for anything except another dollar, or for something to which someone has pinned the price of one dollar to.

There is nothing that gives a dollar value except an illusion, a mutual acceptance between buyers and sellers that the dollar has value. Thus the Fed prints as much as it likes of this money and channels it into the system by way of the government, commercial banks and other institutions. By far its greatest customer is the government, which owes it in the order of $56 trillion.

The Fed makes its profits from the interest charged on loans. The government gets the money to pay back these loans from the American taxpayer.

Profits Converted to Wealth

The beneficiaries of the Fed’s profits, those secret shareholders, convert the money into real wealth rapidly, because they know just how worthless the dollar is in today’s economy. This is why the Rothschild family is estimated to own nearly half the wealth on the planet.

The Atlanta Federal Reserve System protests denounced the country’s debt problems, the booms and busts, the recessions and depressions, inflation and deflation,

Why People Protest

In fact, everything that has happened in the various U.S. economic cycles since 1913 is the fault of the Fed.

This is because, as described above, the whole system is based on growing and increasing debt as the Fed owners have no allegiance to anyone other than themselves, In 1913, the US Congress gave away its Constitutional right, or even obligation, to print the nation’s currency.

The Atlanta Federal Reserve protests might just be the start of a general uprising against this criminal state of affairs in the United States today.

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