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Blog Category: Environment

Scientific Bullshit — How ‘Science’ Is Used To Deceive The Public

Did you know that there was a shocking study published in the Public Library of Science Journal, that found “up to 72%” of scientists admitted their colleagues were engaged in “questionable research practices,” and that just over 14% of them were engaged in outright “falsification”?But it gets even worse; scientists at the Thousand Oaks biotech firm

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Consciousness: How To Connect With Universal Energy

The universal energy encompasses the entire universe, and every being residing in it. It shapes every life and directs every being in the universe towards its destiny. To access and harness this universal energy, we must activate our creative mind, and use our cerebral abilities to tap into this perpetual energy source. Our creative mind is different

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All About Cannabis: The Truth Behind Big Pharma's Push To Suppress This Amazing Plant

Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant intended for medical or recreational use.  That is the information provided by  Wikipedia, however, there’s so much more to this plant and the benefits of it.  Cannabis has a profound effect on our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  It can

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Consumer Alert: Air Fresheners

An astounding 19 pages of chemicals go into making one commonly used brand of Air fresheners, representing just how poorly regulated and toxic this increasingly popular class of consumer products is.   You’ve probably seen pictures of people navigating urban cityscapes, their noses and mouths covered by medical masks to safeguard against toxic air quality.

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Monsanto Wants to Disguise Its Genetically Engineered Foods as “Biofortified”

MONSANTO WANTS TO DISGUISE ITS GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOODS AS “BIOFORTIFIED” But NHF is standing in its way … By Scott C. Tips In the same way that deadly aspartame is being secretly slipped into all kinds of foods and drinks that we eat, plans have been hatched to disguise genetically engineered food ingredients under the

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