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Dangers of Vaccinations

The Dangers of Vaccination Are Dismissed by The Medical Fraternity But The Negative Aspects of Vaccination May Just Overshadow the Positive Aspects.

We are told that getting vaccinated is essential to good health.

The medical fraternity tells us that not only do vaccines prevent illness and disease, but also they help the body create antibodies that can potentially fight off infection.

But are vaccines always good for you? Could it be a question of: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” Are there times when the dangers of vaccination outweigh the benefits?

Not many people know that some vaccines can actually cause illness and death in rare cases.

Medical sources say that doctors ask you to wait a few minutes after getting a shot, just to make sure you are not one of the unlucky ones to suffer death as a result of the immunization.

This is why it is not always a good idea to get every new vaccine that hits the market. It may sound tempting not to ever have to worry about sickness.

Commercial claims make it sound as though the vaccination du jour will eliminate all chances that you will get the illness. But such is not always the case.

There is still a small chance that you could get the illness. In rare instances there are even cases of newborns being vegetables for life as a result of vaccination.

However, you most likely will get a milder version of the illness. But is it really worth the risk of getting sick?

A lot of people are allergic to the flu shot and actually get sick with the flu for several weeks or months after getting it.

Sometimes these illnesses can be more debilitating than it would be had you caught the illness from someone else.

So how do you know the dangers of vaccination? A lot of people ignore the disclaimer.

The disclaimer is usually read during commercials, and often includes a long list of ailments. You can also find it on the paperwork you receive prior to getting a shot.

Disclaimers tell you what potential problems could result from getting the shot.

In many cases, there is a chance that a vaccination could make you immune to medical treatments that could save your life, should you develop a terminal disease at some point.

According to the Online News Hour, people who get vaccinated in the United States can catch the disease for which they’ve been vaccinated.

These diseases are often carried back from people who catch illnesses overseas. As a result, the death rate is increased.

The potential risks and dangers of vaccination include the possibility of developing problems of the nervous system.

Some vaccines contain chemicals that can take over your DNA, according to K.N.O.W. Vaccines.

The Basic Dangers of Vaccines

The fundamental problem is that vaccines contain a number of chemicals that can hurt your system.

Such chemicals can include animal tissue, fetuses that have been aborted and many other substances known to cause negative reactions in human beings, not least the proliferation of bacteria, K.N.O.W. says.

Of course, the real question here is how many risks are you willing to take when it comes to the dangers of vaccination?

In the past, before the advent of vaccines, the only real way to build immunity to disease was to suffer through the virus and hope you developed enough antibodies to fight off the infection, should you come in contact with the virus again.

So what use are today’s vaccines if the carry the same risk? Most vaccines do in fact contain the virus for the very illness you are trying to avoid.

So, in essence, a small percentage of those who receive the vaccine will get the illness from which they are trying to protect themselves.

More Diseases, More Vaccines, More Problems

The dangers of vaccines have become even greater with the emergence of vaccines created to treat diseases, such as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Doctors now warn the dangers of vaccination and urge patients to think twice before getting the shot, as it has the potential to do more harm than good.

Protecting Children from Vaccines

How are parents to protect their children from infectious disease when so many concerns circle the use of vaccines to protect people from serious illness?

It seems today that vaccines are being created without enough research as been done on them to know the side effects and what problems the serum may cause.

Take Gardisil, for example. Warnings about the vaccine circle the internet, and many first person stories serve as reason not to get vaccines such as these.

However, no one person can determine how the rest of the population will react to a vaccine. Everyone has to find out for him or herself.

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