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Due to a Dangerous Homeland Security, the Rights of American’s are Being Sacrificed

The Government Has Created a Dangerous Homeland Security by Manipulating Fear in Its Citizens. 

A dangerous homeland security starts with fear. 

The United States government has capitalized on the fear of terrorism in order to gain full and complete control of its citizens. 

By instilling this fear, the government is able to make citizens believe the only way they can be safe is by relinquishing all of their rights that are protected under the U.S. constitution. 

The government has slowly taken away rights over the years, and now, after building upon the fear it has presented, it is poised to take even more away. 

Before citizens realize it, the government is going to take away the Bill of Rights and limit the effectiveness and reach of the Constitution. 

This type of fear mongering has happened in other nations before, and each nation suffered dearly as a result. 

Consider Nazi Germany, in which Adolf Hitler manipulated the citizens to believe they were at risk by the Jews, thus leading to the single most disturbing act of genocide the world has ever seen. 

While the United States may not be ready for genocide as of yet, they are on their way to crushing the rights of others. 

It is nothing new for the United States to take away rights during times of war. 

Consider the effect World War II had on Japanese American immigrants who had a legal right to be in the country, but an older version of homeland security took those rights away. 

Now, Arab Americans are suffering in the same way by getting detained and ethnically profiled by Homeland Security. 

Arab Americans are not the only ones who are suffering, as the government now has the right to search and seizure without a warrant and without warning. 

People of all nationalities are at risk due to the fact the U.S. has taken on a dangerous Homeland Security agenda. 

As all of this happens, and liberties are restricted, Americans have managed to turn a blind eye for the most part. 

The reason for the blind eye is they believe they will not be considered patriotic if they fight against this invasion of liberties. 

The government has made citizens believe they will be as bad as the terrorists if they fail to accept this new way. 

What starts out as a new way of life will quickly become status quo if something is not done. 

It will be difficult, if not impossible, for people to band together and stop this violation of civil liberties unless Americans choose to use common sense over fear. 

Unless that happens, the U.S. will quickly become closer to Nazi Germany because of the fear and hate tactics used. 

The Patriot Act and other Homeland Security indiscretions will not end without citizen interference. 

The government is pleased with its new job as the moderator of all things, and they are not going to sacrifice that if they don’t have to. 

Unless Americans stand up and use their Constitutional rights, each person in the United States will become a victim to the privacy violations. 

Parallels to other countries are frightening and must be explored. 

In order for the United States to truly turn around, it must find out where it has been and why that direction has been wrong. 

Then, the people must unite together and work towards the right amount of government involvement.

A Dangerous Homeland Security. Nazi Germany and Compromised Rights

If one thing came out of Nazi Germany that was positive, it was the honest belief such a thing would never happen again.

The idea of innocent people dying and getting their rights taken away for no viable reason other than fear is a scary thought, to say the least, and it was believed it would not occur again. 

However the U.S. is inching closer with racial profiling and the new propaganda machine they have created.

When George W. Bush created the Homeland Security team, he didn’t do so for the protection of Americans.

He did so to invoke fear and to make himself feel more powerful.

The Bill of Rights. Just Paper

The Bill of Rights and the Constitution are nothing more than paper under these new changes.

A dangerous Homeland Security means a dangerous absence of rights.

The rights the founding fathers fought so hard for have been absent for the last eight years, thanks to an administration and a President that thought he was the second coming of the messiah.

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