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Employers Use Global Positioning System Fleet Management Techniques to Track Productivity

Global Positioning System Fleet Management Programs Aren’t Just for Employers.

Big businesses like to promote tracking software and devices. 

Global positioning system fleet management technology is one more way in which employers can track employees, and ensure performance is optimal. 

GPS fleet management systems allow employers to keep tabs on where a vehicle is located, how long it’s there, and whether or not the vehicle deviates from the stated destination. 

Some car rental programs even use GPS fleet management technology to track vehicles, and make sure the car doesn’t leave a stated zone or is where renters report it is located. 

Individuals install GPS tracking into vehicles in the event of theft, to help locate the vehicle and recover it. 

All in all, many people use GPS fleet management systems for a variety of reasons, and all of them think these systems are great. 

Big businesses promote this belief, marketing these systems for ingenious tracking and recovery techniques. 

However, none of these global positioning system fleet management providers tell consumers about the dark side of GPS management systems. 

Most people who use GPS fleet management systems don’t realize they’re promoting government tracking and surveillance, and even encouraging violation of civil liberties.

GPS Tracking Systems Don’t Just Report to the Owner

Companies that use global positioning system fleet management technology don’t think about the implied repercussions of such technology.

How do these systems work? They bounce a signal from the GPS unit off a satellite and then down to a user’s computer. 

The government could easily get those records from the user’s computer, because the government has the right to access any records it wants in the name of protection.

However, the government doesn’t need to access those systems when it owns the satellites that beam the signal back to the tracking system administrator. 

That’s right. The government owns those satellites. That means the government can access any GPS tracking data that bounces off the satellites, without having to go to a home or office computer at all.

The data actually passes through government-owned satellites. 

Why would the government want to track fleet management systems?

It’s all part of an overarching government scheme to be able to locate anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Increasing government legislation, including FISA, and the Patriot Act, give the government overwhelming powers to track information – and citizens. 

GPS Fleet Management Systems Don’t Turn Off

System administrators may only monitor global positioning system fleet management technology during certain hours, but those devices don’t turn off; even if the software is off.

That means that if a company owner uses a company vehicle during off-hours, the GPS tracking is still active. 

It’s possible to turn the tracking software off. However, the hardware implanted in the vehicle to enable the GPS tracking doesn’t turn off.

It’s always active, and always emitting a signal to the satellites.

This means that the government can find you anywhere, even if the tracking system is ostensibly turned off. 

Don’t be deceived by the marketing jargon and the sales pitches that GPS manufacturers give you.

GPS fleet management systems don’t serve you; they serve the government, who wants to track everything you do.

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