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Free Solar Energy Changes the Way We Live

Free Solar Energy Could Eliminate the Need for Oil and Combustible Fuel Types; Alternative Energy Suppressed by Oil Cabal.

Free solar energy has the power to change the way people look at energy, as they could have all of the electricity they needed after they installed some well made solar panels on their home to harvest the energy.

There is currently technology out there that can take the sunlight during the day and harvest it in a way that will create an efficient system where there will be energy available day and night, no matter if the sun is shining or not.

However, special interest groups have worked to make people think solar energy is nothing more than a hoax and it cannot possibly give off the energy needed in order to completely run a home or a vehicle.

The real hoax is the cover up, as solar energy is a reality, and it is supported by strong scientific evidence that the technology can create the amount of power needed.

There is a question as to why this type of technology would be suppressed, as it could change the way the world is, and it would take away the dependence on oil.

It all comes down to money, and the people that have the money are the people that rely on oil.

So unless they continue to sell oil, they will no longer have as much money in their pockets, and thus they work to suppress information about free solar energy and other sources of energy.

The process for doing this is very complicated, and it requires a lot of work for the oil executives, and also a lot of work from scientists that are in the back pocket of the executives.

Executives use a system of peer review, where they get scientists that will discredit research or put out faulty research, and they use that research to further their cause.

The have found scientists that are willing to state solar energy free is not an option, and because of that, many people have turned their backs on the energy source that could change their lives and save them lots of money.

Patent Buying

Free solar energy for use in place of oil may never find its place in society as long as the the big oil companies force technology developers to sell their patents.

The oil companies will never bring that information forward unless oil runs out.

They must be in control to maintain their monopoly. They are dedicated to the system of capitalism, and they think they have the right to manipulate people in order to make more money.

The elite win and the average people lose. This must change.

Need for Protection

Inventors must be protected solar energy free and other technologies can become a reality.

The days of intimidation, patent stealing and discrediting technology for the wrong reasons must be protected.

The special interest groups must be put in their place.

The small inventor needs to be able to go about his work without fear. Right now, the government is not offering any kind of protection.

We should have the right to freedom and liberty, but that is not the case.

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