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Global Positioning System Car Devices are in Every Car

Elite Use The Global Positioning System Car Devices to Track Citizens Every Move As a Step Towards The New World Order. 

If you have been shopping for a car recently you will notice that the salesman has mentioned that just about every car you are interested in comes standard with a global positioning system car device. 

They try to use it as a sell point in the car so that you won’t have to buy it later as the new trend is to get a Garmin system that hangs from the windshield. 

They tell you about how much time the new devices will save you because you will never get lost or have to ask directions ever again. 

On the road of life the car navigation system has us all going in the wrong direction. 

The elite are using car navigation systems against citizens by tracking and recording your every move and recording it to control you better. 

Every time you go to the liquor store, church or the library, your movements are being tracked and recorder in order to found out more about you. 

The elite feel that the more that they know about citizens and their individual habits the easier it will be to control them. 

Even if you do not use the system to get directions or find your way, whenever it is on it is communicating with the satellites. 

It communicates your exact location on the globe and allows the satellites to track your every move by being passed off from one satellite to the next as you move down the road. 

When you get to where you are going, the destination is recorded along with your frequency for traveling to said location. 

All of this tells the elite a little more about who you are and what are your interests, bad or good, and what type of risk you may pose to a world regime. 

If you are deemed a risk than you will have nowhere to run and without a doubt thanks to global positioning system car devices you will not be able to drive fast enough to get away.

Buying Trouble

Once you get out of your car and away from your global positioning system car device you may feel a little better.

Remember that Big Brother has your money tagged also. Most every bill in circulation today has an RFID chip embedded in it. 

The chip communicates via radio waves to devices that can then upload information to Big Brother.

Money can be traced back to where it was before you got it and then who you give it to. All purchases may this way be tracked and recorded. 

A World Without Borders

Global positioning system car devices are not the first way to track your movements, nor will they be the last.

Passports have been used for quite some time to track movements across borders and across the globe thanks to embedded RFID chips. 

Once the New World Order is established, Big Brother will be able to openly implant every man, woman and child with a chip similar to the one that VeriChip corporation is producing right now and testing in third world countries to track man like they are animals.

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