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Global Warming and the Effects Touted by the government is Nothing More than a Tissue of Lies

Global Warming and the Effects Are Bogus Propaganda Designed To Scare Americans Into Compliance.

Much has been made recently about global warming and the effects that this change would produce.

This issue alone has encompassed and overlapped every other issue facing the nation, especially with the election of President Barrack Obama.

The economic downturn will supposedly be fixed by investing money and jobs into renewable energy. 

The military has been forced to address its emissions and try to become as carbon neutral as possible.

Ethanol production recently led to a food crisis that inflated the price of the groceries we eat. 

This is all to satiate the appetite for the destruction of the global standard of living that capitalism has produced.

The average citizen worries about global warming and the effects on the planet in years to come.

Al Gore, the Club of Rome, and their ilk have made the plea that all overly exaggerated actions to help the environment are ‘for the children.’

There is an episode of South Park is sheds light on the ludicrousness of this type of spin. 

In the show, there is a commercial promoting a referendum on the next ballot, the narrator says, “If you don’t support Proposition 10, you hate children. You don’t hate children, do you?”

The irony here is that in actuality, the leaders of the environmental movement are harming future generation more than they are helping.

The Socialist Connections

If there were no ulterior motives, and one would suspect that in the lower ranks of the environmentally aware public there are not, protecting future generations would be a noble goal.

But in the case of environmental leadership, their own words have spelled out their deception.

Rudolf Bahro, one of the fathers of Germany’s “Green” movement said, “The capitalist mode of production is markedly self-destructive, outwardly murderous and inwardly suicidal”.

Dr. Barry Commoner, Harvard biologist and one of the nation’s preeminent environmentalists says, “Environmental improvement can occur only if we implement the social governance of production”.

So in other words, socialism leading to the regulation of industry is the only way to prevent the collapse of the environment.

Greater Control Doesn’t Mean Cleaner Air

Most Americans are being duped into believing this drivel and are giving away simple liberties in the process. 

The federal government is beginning to regulate the type of light bulbs that you can buy, the fuel economy of the car you can drive, and they want to place a regulator on your electric meter, all in the name of global warming and the effects it has on “the common good”.

Individually, the public is buying what the socialists are selling in their program.

The next step – in the name of global warming and the effects that it creates – is to over regulate industry with a series of cap and trade deals to make every business “carbon neutral”.

Regulation is a pretty word for control. The best example of this deception is the use of Pell loans and grants to decide what private universities and colleges can and cannot instruct on their campuses.

Any American entity receiving government monies can be “regulated” by Congress or face losing that money. 

Since most major corporations receive some type of tax money, either through credits or contracts, they can be brought to task by Washington.

In the case of environmentalism, this will lead to deliberately reduced production through overly onerous laws, thus protecting the
“whole of global society”.

To boil it down, the sovereignty of American industry and the American experiment at large will be placed in the hands of the leaders at Kyoto.

The people of the country must recognize this deception and make the government stop it.

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