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Global Warming Facts and Figures aren’t Supporting the Global Warming Theory

The Story That The Global Warming Facts And Figures Tell is Not The Same Story That The Government is Leading People to Believe. 

Distorting the global warming facts and figures brings a huge profit to a small group of people known as the Bilderbergs. 

The group consists entirely of influential people who basically want to run the entire world. 

One of the reasons why this global warming crisis is so important to them is because it is their own piggy bank. 

In other words, the elite make money out of nothing by keeping the global warming scheme alive. 

Usually in order to make money, someone needs to either provide goods or services. 

In this case the Bilderbergs are providing worthless carbon credits while receiving actual money. 

Another reason why the elite continue to manipulate people with the global warming scam is because scared citizens could be controlled easier. 

They are making money out of the public fear. After all, their ultimate goal is the complete world domination. They are doing a really good job so far. 

By poisoning people through the media they are achieving their goals very easy. 

While people are in panic that the world is going to end and that their planet is melting, the elite is gathering money. 

By looking at the real facts and figures we could clearly see that the whole global warming agenda is just one of the many scams our government and the shadow rulers have served us with.

A Half Truth = One Whole Lie

The half truth that individuals like Al Gore are giving to everybody is that people are responsible for the climate changes. 

The truth, however, is that the biggest factor for climate changes is the Sun itself. But guess what?

People cannot be taxed because there is a Sun out there. This is why the whole blame must fall on the people themselves. 

Only the global warming facts and figures can be trusted. According to them CO2 emissions are responsible for only 5% of the greenhouse gases.

The other 95% of the greenhouse gases are created by water vapors. It is a fact that CO2 is vital for sustaining organic life.

Every plant form that relies on photosynthesis in order to survive will be killed if suddenly there wasn’t any more CO2. 

Getting the Global Warming Facts and Figures Right

Even though some people have made millions from selling carbon credits, the amount of CO2 emissions hasn’t been reduce. 

In 2006 the emissions were increased by 3.1% and in 2007 they were increased with another 3.2%. 

If there really was a global warming, the Arctic icecap would not have increased with 5 405 430 sq miles, it would have melted instead. 

The National Snow and Ice Data acknowledged that because of a mistake they made, due to a satellite not working, the amount of ice in the Arctic was falsely said to be reduced by 193 051 square miles. 

In May 2008 NASA reported that the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) suddenly entered a cool phase. 

This cannot happen if the global warming statements were true. 

Every person has the right to choose what they are going to believe in. But it is always better to believe in what’s true.

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