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Global Warming Solar Flares Exist

Global Warming Solar Flares Are Responsible For Climate Change. 

The reason things are getting hotter on Earth has far more to do with global warming solar flares than it does with carbon dioxide emissions. 

Even though the elite want you to think you are in contorl when it comes to the hot earth, the truth is not nearly that complex. 

You don’t need to get out yoru calculator and decide how much carbon you are emiting, along with how much carbon you are offsetting. 

What you really need to do is examine the truth so you can see that global warming does not exist, and evertyhingh that is happenig is completely natural. 

In order to see that, you need to take a look at sunspots. 

Sunspots happen when the sun’s magnetic field rises into the photosphere, producingsolar flares, which in turn create massive explosions. 

It has been clearly demonstrated that solar variations bring about climate change on Earth. 

The appearance in January 2008 of a lone dark spot on the sun signalled a new 11-year cycle of heightened solar activity, expected to peak in 2011 or 2012. 

The more sunspots that are created, the hotter it’s going to get on Earth. 

This has always been the case and always will be. 

And there’s nothing anyone can do about it – global warming solar flares are a force of nature over which man has no control. 

Blaming global warming on human activity such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation is a ploy adopted as a long-term measure by a powerful elite working towards a totalitarian world in which they call all the shots. 

The Illuminati perpetuate the greenhouse effect myth because it is their interests to induce global hysteria. 

If you invent a worldwide problem, you can then be seen fixing it, gaining respect and trust as you pull the wool over the eyes of the people. 

The effect of carbon emissions on climate change is, in fact, negligible., but the corrupt world leaders will never admit it. 

Generating panic about climate change plays a vital role in the Illuminati’s concerted efforts to create a totalitarian one-government world – an “end of nations” – and they will go to any lengths to achieve their sinister goal. 

The last thing they want you to know is that global warming solar flares are responsible for climate change on Earth.

Sun, Sea and the Greenhouse Effect

Global warming has always been with us. It didn’t just spring into existence a couple of decades ago.

The greenhouse effect is down almost entirely to the sun warming up the oceans of the world. 

When this happens, the sea produces water vapour, which rises into the planet’s atmosphere, forming a greenhouse gas.

Carbon dioxide contributes very little to the greenhouse effect. 

Why You Need Greenhouse Gases

The fact is that yuo need greenhouse gases. Without them, you would all be freezing to death in temperatures as low as minus 18C (minus 0.4F). 

The greenhouse effect is by no means unique to Earth. Within your own solar system, Mars and Venus also exhibit greenhouse effects. 

Global Warming Lies

These are facts that cannot be denied however much the Illuminati spread their lies about global warming and climate change. 

Global warming solar flares produce an effect on Earth that can be compared to the changing of the seasons – but on a much bigger scale. It’s just nature at work.

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