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In America, Supreme Court Forced Sterilization a Shameful Legacy

The Supreme Court Forced Sterilization Legalization Was Eugenically Motivated and Cruel. 

Although it is a tactic more commonly associated with Nazi Germany, the Supreme Court forced sterilization on a number of women in the United States during the early part of the 20th century.

They also provided the legal framework for states to pursue their own sterilization programs.

Socially progressive California led the pack, sterilizing more than 20,000 men, women and children in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

The selected for forcible sterilization were those deemed by the governing bodies of the state social services boards to be enfeebled and unfit to care for themselves or others.

This covered the mentally and physically disabled, the promiscuous, the criminally minded, the rebellious and the undesirable, who was usually an immigrant or minority of some kind.

In this politically correct era, it seems shocking that the Supreme Court forced sterilization would have essentially targeted single mothers, the poor and the unfortunate.

Homosexuals would have also been a target, as their lifestyle was considered a mental illness and a crime in those days.

Getting the short straw in life and running afoul of the authorities was a fast path to a life alone with no chance of children for comfort or support.

Even more chilling was that it was all driven by a group of elites striving to work for “the greater good”.

Who Decides?

In the years after the Supreme Court forced sterilization on Carrie Buck, she went on to win custody of her illegitimate child, hold a steady job, and become known as an avid reader.

Her case is often held up as an example of a trumped-up case created for the purpose of advancing a set agenda. 

The elite wanted to bring forced sterilization to this country.

They had a world vision that didn’t include a diverse world such as America has today.

Many productive members of society would have never been allowed to be conceived had these policies flourished.

More than 50,000 people were forcibly sterilized under the decision, which has never been overturned.

Though it is not publicly used now, the next time one hears of a mother of an unborn child being pressured to abort the baby due to suspected infirmities, know that the tenets of the policy are still in force. 

Where Did It Go?

After World War II established the Nazi connection, forced sterilization fell from favor.

It was still practiced, but the last known forced sterilization was in 1981.

However, all those elite scientists with all that knowledge about who was fit and not fit for society had to take their policies somewhere. 

They quietly became supporters of Planned Parenthood. It is no coincidence that most Planned Parenthood users are the single mothers, the poor and the unfortunate.

They seek advice on reproduction from doctors who know exactly what to do for the greater good of the mother and society.

Disgusted? Appalled? Shocked? Do the research. See the facts. Forced sterilization is still here, just using another name.

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