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Knowing how Does a Microchip Work?

Knowledge of How Does a Microchip Work is Something the Banking Mafia Wants to Keep From You. 

The banking mafia would like to keep the secret of how does a microchip work in order to maintain control over you. 

The microchip is something that the majority of the public only associates with computers which is exactly what the banking mafia would like for you to believe. 

They do not want for you to know that they are working on a secret program in which they want to implant every citizen with a microchip in order to control you. 

This will allow them to be able to gain the control that they need to be able to create a New World Order. 

They have been working to get you used to the idea of microchips in living things in order to be able to implant you with a microchip. 

They will show you in nature programs about how they have been tagging animals with tracking devices in order to track their migration patterns. 

These tracking devices are actually microchips that they would like to be able to use against you as a mind control device. 

Recently, they have been able to convince many pet owners to implant their pets with a microchip in order to keep them from being lost or stolen. 

The banking mafia knows that by convincing you to implant your pet, they will be able to convince you that microchips are a good thing. 

With the new technology that they are introducing, they are allowing you to be able to track your pet real time as they move through the yard. 

This makes tracking living things seem like a fun game that you will want to take part in as a part of your every day life.

Tracking Soldier 

In order to make the transition from tracking your dog to tracking humans, the banking mafia is trying to get the soldiers implanted with a microchip.

Because you do not know how does a microchip work, you will believe that this will allow the soldiers to be able to be free from danger. 

The government is currently being approached by the VeriChip Corporation in order to get them to agree to implant every soldier with the microchips that they have in production.

These chips are experimental as they are actually looking for the soldiers to help prove the technology viable. 

Knowing the Origins

In order to know how does a microchip work, it is important to know the roots of the tracking devices that the banking mafia is looking to use against you.

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip is something that has been used in many different ways against you. 

These chips were originally created in order to keep people from being able to steal shirts.

By using magnetic energy, these chips are able to be encoded with information that can be read through the use of radio frequencies making it possible to read them remotely. 

The Future

The banking mafia would like for you to be ignorant of how does a microchip work in order to keep you from realizing where this information can go in the future.

The banking mafia is looking to use nanotechnology to create a microcomputer that they will use to directly control your mind. 

This microcomputer will be naked to the human eye meaning that they can inject it with a vaccine every citizen will be subject to.

This is also why they are convincing you that vaccines are something that will help you to stay healthy in your life.

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