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Making Protests Against the Iraq War Illegal?

Outlawing Protests Against the Iraq War Moving Us Closer to Martial Law and the NWO.

Executive Order 13438 was passed on July 17th, 2007 and this law has made protests against the Iraq war illegal. 

The public doesn’t hear much about this law and some still don’t know that it exists. 

The media and congress are silent and this has lead people to believe that they shouldn’t be worried. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The public must educate itself because the media is not going to tell the truth. 

The executive order has been written broadly not to protect but to include you. 

It is not only for ‘terrorists’ but it has been designed to incorporate those who protest the Iraq war effort. 

They may find their bank accounts frozen, their property seized and their loved ones placed in the same danger should they try to assist. 

The “significant risk of committing” a supposed crime could be enough for someone to be convicted. 

This is dangerous ground and this law takes the trusting American people closer to martial law. 


Martial law is the intervention of police in a civil emergency. During this time the conventional government is suspended and executive orders are put into force.

Law depends on the chief executive and you are no longer innocent until proven guilty. 

This sounds very much like the aim of the American government.

Bush has claimed that America is in a state of national emergency and this law, and his numerous other orders, are necessary.

It sets the scene for a police state. The nature of the law is unprecedented as it can accuse just about anyone of thought crimes without having relevant proof.


The central bankers hold the power and they control the presidency’s puppet strings.

They aim to bring the passive American public to their knees.

In October 2006, Bush quietly signed a bill that would allow the president to declare martial law. 

Now if the government simply does what the international bankers want, it begs the question. What are the bankers after? The answer is absolute power. 

The banking elite know that the American people will not be in favor of a one currency system. It means they would lose their power and freedom.

Martial law however would allow the bankers to take control of all decisions and industry and no one would be able to object.


Besides clearly destroying the First Amendment, the seizure of property without due process is also against the Fifth Amendment.

It is obvious that Bush and his far-reaching changes to the constitution were designed for a reason. 

America is not in a state of emergency and the fact that Obamavhas yet to change these dangerous laws implies that things will not change for the better.

They are escalating and will only get much, much worse.

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