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Many Side Effects of Radiation Treatment

The Side Effects of Radiation Treatment Are Numerous.

There are many side effects of radiation treatment even when given to patients at the hospital for diseases like cancer.

One reason radiation poisoning is such an attractive way to infect the population is that the procedure is totally painless while it’s happening.

Radiation waves are invisible and your body has no way of telling you that the microwaves are infecting your tissue.

You could be just standing on the street corner being hit by microwaves from a cell phone tower or a person standing next to you who is speaking on a cell phone, and you wouldn’t even know it.

The Symptoms

Radiation side effects include: nausea, fatigue, hair loss, scarring, and more.

Radiation poisoning from cell phone towers and cell phones probably wouldn’t give you the same symptoms that radiation treatment at a hospital would give you, but it is scary to know that even a procedure at the hospital has these side effects.

Why would anyone voluntarily inflict radiation poisoning on their body?

The international elites now have a silent killer on their hands in cell phone radiation, and will be able to exert physical and mental control on all users.

The side effects of radiation treatment should act as a wakeup call for the American consumer who seems so addicted to their cell phone.

Why We Need to Care

Some of the side effects of radiation treatment done at hospitals to cure cancer actually show up in cell phone users.

Fatigue is a major factor in today’s society.

We live more comfortably than ever before with better information about diet and exercise. Yet, we are all fatigued.

This scenario defies logic. We are blessed with information about how to take care of our bodies.

We sleep on better mattresses. We live in better houses. The quality of life, in general, is far better than it was even 20 years ago.

Despite all of these advances, people walk around like zombies for most of the day.

People are starting to put the equation together. Maybe technology has something to do with our fatigue. Of course it does.

We are all made up of energy. All the devices we use are made up of energy too.

They put out energy right into us and it saps ours right up.

The Goal?

A tired population is one that does not produce as much. Fatigue puts us behind at work.

We cease to be creative. We have problems in our personal relationships because of fatigue.

It causes us to think less critically about events happening in the world. Fatigue is what the international elite want.

With fatigue we can also be sold on great energy products. These products poison our bodies even further.

We are told that if tired, we need to eat this bar or drink this drink. All of these things actually make us even more fatigued.

People need to wake up and take control over their lives. Technology is becoming addicting and causing us to live very shallow lives.

Not only are we becoming sick, we are becoming lazy. We produce less and our economy is suffering.

This makes it even easier for the elite to “come to the rescue”. The side effects of radiation treatment are documented.

Why can’t we see the connection between radiation and cell phone usage?

Americans need to learn what hurts them and what actually helps them.

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