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Practices in Mental Health

Practices in Mental Health Being Driven to Sell Pharmaceutical Drugs to the World.

Practices in mental health have gotten away from what it really should be which is a way to release emotion.

We are seeing a pill made for everything now and it would not be necessary if we took better care of ourselves, ate better, and partook in some physical or mental stress relieving activity.

This is one of the many things that make television a horrible entity.

There was a day when children went outside and played in the yard.

With video games and television kids are becoming lazy and not getting this release of emotion that only comes from mental or physical exertion.

Instead kids are doing nothing but talking to the same people they saw at school all day on Facebook, eating modified food, or are consumed by something coming out of the television.

Now we have kids that are depressed, stressed, and anxiety ridden.

The reason kids don’t feel good is because they are lost and if they can’t find who they are or what they want to do this will carry with them into adulthood.

This is what we are seeing with this first generation of kids that grew up their whole lives taking something to calm them or speed them up.

If you are having a hard time facing or figuring out who you really are then long term mind altering pharmaceutical drugs might not be the best way to go.

Ironic how the mind altering drugs that might actually do this with only taking it once are illegal.

Practices in Mental Health Helping no One

You would think that psychiatrists would help kids learn how to be themselves instead of prescribing drugs but this is not the world we live in.

You take these drugs for a while and people are reporting adverse physical and mental affects from taking them.

This puts strain on the entire family when this happens. This is what this banking cabal is trying to do.

They are trying to create drama in the home because this keeps you occupied with that while they carve the earth into a more dynamic rock.

Tearing up a family creates worry and fear. People are always better controlled when they have a fear of losing something.

Practices of mental health points to the bottle so frequently because it’s the easiest resolution for everyone.

However we all know the easiest solution is not always the best.

This convenience that we are always paying for is more times than not working against us.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a magnificent device but has the worst interests in mind.

A pill might seem like a miracle cure but it is nothing more than an addiction to being sick and the cure.

Practices of Mental Health See a Pill for Everything

We have gotten so bad with making pills that we are basically just putting anything we can into pill form.

This is why pharmaceutical drugs are so accepted.

There is a pill for everything from PMS to erectile dysfunction and as long as we keep taking them they are going to keep making them.

Until you are ready to believe that you are not depressed, easily distracted, or full of stress and anxiety you will see that this is just a matter of handling your own emotions.

Getting them out through expression or exertion is going to be the only way to do this.

We are all capable of this but its not as easy as taking a pill. This is how they market this convenience at us.

We are lazy and they are starting to make us this way at a very early age.

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