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Read Reality TV Tips

Here Are the Reality TV Tips They Don’t Want You to Read. These Shows Are Designed to Eat Your Time and Make You Forget That a Police State is Rapidly Growing Around You Now!

Looking for reality TV tips? You might be like many Americans, addicted to your favorite reality TV program.

It’s time you realize the global elite owned TV programing is produced specifically to distract you from actual reality.

Did you know that reality TV is a tool? It is a tool used by the corporate banking mafia to control the masses. It keeps us distracted and entertained, but uneducated.

It prevents us from understanding what the corporate banking mafia are really up to.

If the banking mafia succeed with their plan, it will be because the public was unable resist the brain-numbing effects of reality TV.

Want real reality TV tips? Reality TV is a media favorite, because it works.

The media is controlled by a handful of mighty corporations. These corporations use the media to distract you and misinform you and keep you from knowing the truth.

The truth is that our world is about to drastically change. Your life will never be the same.

The dollar will disappear. Your Constitution will be nothing more than scrap paper containing ideals that will never again exist. Need some more reality TV tips? Keep reading.

Alarming NAU Progress

Have you heard of the North American Union? This is a union being financed by the very same corporations in control of the media that bring you reality TV.

While you are watching TV, they are encouraging the creation of a union that would unite Mexico, the United States, and Canada under a single government.

Do you understand the implication of this? No more reality TV tips, it’s time for a reality check!

The NAU would have a new currency (the Amero), and new laws, and it would be set up by the corporations to rule over us.

The laws of the NAU would take priority over the laws of any individual nation.

That means our hard-won constitutional rights would no longer apply. Do you see yet?

This is a corporate takeover of North America. This is a way for the corporate banking mafia to end the supremacy of the U.S. government.

Banking Mafia Slaves

We will be helpless if we let this happen. We won’t have our Constitution to protect us.

We won’t even have a military to protect us, because it will be privatized; even now, much of the military is under control of corporations.

Here’s the situation: the corporate banking mafia will write new laws for a new government that will replace our own. This is already happening. 

We don’t hear about it, because these banking mafia own the media and they deliberately keep us distracted from what they are doing.

Global Scale

They are creating unions all over the world. Already the European Union has taken over 27 countries.

As soon as the NAU is complete they will merge all of the union into a single global union. This could be the first world government ever.

Unfortunately, if we don’t act soon we will be helpless against this New World Order.

This could be the beginning of a new era in which the corporate government rules unopposed however they see fit.

We will feel completely helpless against them.

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