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Satellite Image of Earth?

The Satellite Image of Earth Shows Stunning Views, but the True Purpose is to Propagate the Destruction of Traditional American Values and Economically Enslave Our People.

A Satellite Image of Earth shows a beautiful and wondrous planet.

However, there are disturbing and Destructive features that can be seen from space.

One of them is the lattice like patterns of chemtrails dropped on top of many of the larger centers of population today.

These chemical cocktails spread from aeroplanes contain some of the most damaging heavy metals known to man.

Today, in airports around the world and on flight paths everywhere, these chemical cocktails are being released on to an unwitting population.

Many people still believe that the almost instant contrails of jets are what we see in the air today.

Contrails only last a few seconds and are made from water vapour which come off a jet engine.

Chemtrails hang in the air for hours and fall to earth in a fine cloud or a mist.

They are waterborne molecules of barium and other heavy metals which interact very badly with the human immune system.

There are many thinking scientists who believe that the entire purpose of chemtrails is to damage the immune system of the population below.

The global political elites on Earth have an agenda to reduce the population to under 1 billion people, and many say the goal is to achive a population of under 500 million.

They do this in the name of sustainable development.

The argument the elites use is that the planet’s population is devouring the natural resources at such a rate that very soon there won’t be any left.

Useless Eaters and Breeders… They’re Talking About You

The useless breeders and eaters are what they call us.

It seems that their agenda to drastically reduce the Earth’s population is moving into its final phase.

The first satellite image of earth perhaps brought home to them just how small the Earth really is.

In addition to the huge vaccination programs which are having a severely detrimental impact on a large number of young people in society today, and the chemtrails and genetically modified food that is fed to many Americans today, has long-term impacts which are known to science.

The Coming Calamity

Many scientists feel that genetically modified organisms inside a human digestive tract can have severe and unexpected genetic consequences.

The genetically modified material has the ability to change the genetic material around it.

What impact this has over the long term remains to be seen.

While many people are watching a satellite image of Earth on Google maps or some other distracting  entertainment toy, they might do better to train their gaze onto the political establishment.

We are being sold down the river as a species by a ruthless political and economic elite group that is bent on taking over the word one last time and forever.

The time to speak up will soon be passed.

It’s time to wake up America and it’s time to choose sides because very shortly, this choice is going to be made for you.

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