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Secret Service JFK Assassination Today

The Secret Service JFK Assassination Says Much About Our Government. Kennedy Stepped Out of Line From the Agenda of His Elite Masters, and He Paid the Price.

A Secret Service JFK Assassination plot was revealed in the films that surfaced after the shooting, yet many mysteries surround the shooting of John F. Kennedy.

Officially, the shooting was the work of one man, but Americans know better.

Immediately following the shooting, the Secret Service entered the crowd to confiscate all of the bystanders’ films of the shooting.

There seemed to be nothing odd about their taking of the films, as they were supposed to be the ones that were investigating the assassination.

However, not all of the films were returned to their rightful owners, which left the public to wonder what exactly was on those films.

One of the films that was not confiscated, belonged to Abraham Zapruder, and this film is thought to be the most accurate depiction of the incident due to his location at the time of the shooting.

The Zapruder film shows the president passing the knoll at the time of the shooting, and the locations and actions of the Secret Service at the time of the shooting.

The agents were where they should be until right before the shooting.

A few seconds before the shooting, you can see the head of the Secret Service tell his men to leave their positions, leaving the president unprotected at the time of the shooting.

Damning evidence of the Secret Service JFK assassination plot was revealed with the movement of the agents.

The reactions of the service men that were there to protect the president showed that their moving from the motorcade was not part of the planned protection of the president.

It was the directive of the head of the Secret Service, and the actual agents had no knowledge of why they were being asked to leave the president unprotected.

Criminal Government

Another strong proponent to the Secret Service’s part in the assassination of John F. Kennedy was the abrupt changing of the motorcade route.

The FBI and the CIA worked together with the Secret Service to plan the route, and it took nearly a year to determine the exact route; however, on the morning of the motorcade, the route was changed.

The secret service allowed this route change even though it violated protocol because it had turns of over 90 and 120 degrees.

There was no way the Secret Service could have protected the president should an attempt be made on his life.

Secret Service and the CIA

The Secret Service JFK assassination was successful because of their plot with the CIA and the FBI.

This is clearly shown by the moving of the motorcade route the president was taking.

The organizers of the event knew that there was no way to protect the president, yet they changed it anyway.

The new route took the president through a desolate part of the city with many large abandoned buildings that were perfect spots for the CIA to lay in wait to kill the president.

Oswald Didn’t Act Alone

With all of the evidence that has been presented since the presidential assassination, the only conclusion that the public can make is that the shooting was only possible by the combined forces of the CIA working with the Secret Service JFK assassination plot.

The fact is, our government is not our government at all, it belongs to criminal bankers.

These men put presidents in office to do a job for them; Kennedy spoke out against them, so they had him killed.

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