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September 11 Information Revisited

An Overview of September 11 Information. It’s Time to Demand Answers to Painful Questions Regarding What Really Caused the Collapse of the Twin Towers.

September 11 information is plentiful. From the beginning, there were many that were skeptical about how the twin towers actually collapsed.

Let’s have a look at the facts and draw our conclusions from there. The first plane hit the 91st floor.

The plane’s left wing banked thereby obliterating the east side of the 91st floor and the right wing banked upwards taking out the offices above.

The government claimed an 800 degree Celsius furnace burned in the area of impact, yet there were survivors, which is impossible at those temperatures.

It didn’t take long before experts began to dissect what had actually occurred and why the buildings collapsed.

Soon they reached the conclusion the collapse of the World Trade Center was actually an inside job, a result of a controlled demolition.

The evidence that the Bush administration attacked its own people is compelling.

It’s difficult to comprehend how our own government could do something so monstrous, yet September 11 information confirms it is so.

Fear and Paranoia

The September 11 information shows that when engineers analyzed just what had occurred they found the math and science made it physically impossible for the World Trade Center to collapse in the manner in which it did without the aid of a controlled demolition.

There is a great deal of reading available on the math of this heinous act.

The fact that the government would stoop to such levels has political and social ramifications.

The reason for such an act is not as far out there as you might think.

A shadow government actually controls the government we elect and their goal is to enact the New World Order.

New World Order

9/11 is the “smoking gun” that implicates the U.S. government as being directly responsible for terrorist activities to justify imperialist occupation of the Middle East.

The movement for real truth about what happened to the twin towers and to World Trade Center must be kept alive at all costs if the revolution of understanding and change is to happen in our lifetime.

The banking elite who are behind our government can be found in think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group.

It is these families who go back to the time of the Illuminati that have taken control and are working toward a one world government which they alone will control.

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