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Surveillance Solutions Come from a Fear of Crime

Surveillance Solutions May Not Really be About Crime. People Are Being Accustomed to Being Watched Everywhere They Go in the NWO; Big Brother Lives.

Each year Americans around the world spend millions of dollars on surveillance solutions to keep themselves and their business safe.

Although this sounds reasonable, Americans are increasingly subjected to constant sruveillance.

Even though experts might think that is the best way to keep you and your family safe the fact is that it doesn’t really deter criminals from doing what they like.

Some solutions might make them think twice but a really determined criminal or a group of them won’t really be turned off by a few security cameras around your premises.

Many of the systems allow home and business owners to view and record footage of people entering and exiting their property.

This is probably a good way to find out who entered your house or office and stole your laptop or your expensive watch but there is no guarantee that the person will be caught.

This video evidence an be handed over to police in event of an emergency but it certainly wont prevent any emergencies.

Many camera systems available today are rather inexpensive and are not very difficult to install but they are pointless since a professional criminal will certainly know how to override them.

Many governments around the world including the American government spends millions of dollars on installing systems that can monitor and record activity in military installations as well as on the streets.

There have been changes in the way people behave when they know that they are being watched but there hasn’t been any significant change.

The quality of these video cameras and surveillance solutions are very high but they fail to really catch anything or prevent any real disasters.

If you really want to catch crooks you need to know where to look for them.

The latest in security technology can also help recognize faces and help law enforcement agencies catch most wanted criminals but you can’t have cameras covering every inch of America since that would go beyond the budget that our government has.

Feeling Secure isn’t the Same as Being Secure

The recent rise in popularity of home security cameras are now seeing people installing video cameras in their homes as well as on their property and their businesses without really knowing the risks these surveillance solutions pose.

Today you can purchase a good quality video camera for anywhere from $50 to $100.

However few people are actually aware of the potential security risks these cameras pose to your and your family’s privacy.

A simple Google search using a specific search term can yield thousands of results which when clicked are actually secure security camera feeds that as it turns out is not really secure.

Are You Really Safer?

Amazingly many of these so called secure surveillance cameras can be controlled right from your browser window without even the person who has the camera installed knowing what is going on.

There are tons of videos on the internet that have been recorded from hijacked video cameras.

In some videos you even see people changing their clothes unaware of the fact that someone is not only watching but recording what is going on.

There are many types of surveillance solutions for you to choose from but it would be a good idea to consult a specialist if you do decide to have them, in order to make sure that it is secure.

If you are just looking to combat a few neighborhood thugs then it be alright, but if you really think you are going to be safe with a camera watching over you then you better think again.

You may just end up being the person who is being watched, instead of the one doing the watching.

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