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Thanksgiving, Black Friday & American Consumerism

Thanksgiving, Black Friday & American Consumerism

Black Friday: It’s that time of the year. Turkey drawings, paper Pilgrim hats, feathered headdresses, and a fake account of history being taught to our children nationwide. A time where most Americans gather with their families, eat themselves into food comas, then go shopping like they’re on the game show Supermarket Sweep meets Survivor.

In our insane modern day PC society, even the smallest criticism of American History and CULTure will attract a defensive & angry response from a lot of people. I don’t know how many times I have been asked if I’m Anti-American. Which I find to be quite comical yet scary at the same time.

If we can’t have conversations about distorted history and belief systems that cause us to participate in, fund, and defend the very same systems that enslave us then we’re in deep doo doo. The ones who lurk in the shadows and control every aspect of our lives including our politicians are going to use identity politics to distract and divide us whether we want to address the issue or not.

I choose truth over fear of offending someone 100% of the time. No matter how uncomfortable it may be. Without truth there is absolutely no way you can ever be a free society. When our belief systems are based on lies and misconstrued events it eliminates the need for physical shackles.

We put shackles on ourselves, invisible ones, in the mind. By believing things with no proof and later refusing to open our minds to new ideas. We’re basically mice on an invisible wheel. When new evidence is produced that contradicts one’s belief system, the truth is sometimes too much for one to bear and it causes a significant amount of cognitive dissonance.

Which then reinforces one’s belief that they are powerless and need an outside force to save them. So they keep participating in the 9-5 rat race and socially engineered society and think if they just ignore the evidence, keep their heads down and do what they’re told they’ll be safe from oppression or persecution.

As much as I absolutely despise the mainstream media for their constant race baiting in hopes of causing a racial civil war, the false account of the history of Thanksgiving is as racist as it gets. Does that mean it’s ok to hate on all white people? NO. I’m not feeding the social justice white guilt agenda.

On the surface, it may seem that there’s not much to criticize about a holiday based on gratitude and eating. However that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize how ass-backwards and offensive this holiday is to Native Americans. Can you imagine knowing that people all over the country gather to celebrate a day based on a false account of history that genocided your ancestors?

I’m guessing it would be as nauseating as an African American hearing how our founding fathers saw all men as equal, except for the slaves some of them owned. Or the Irish hearing their ancestors were just “indentured servants” and never were persecuted either.

The fact of the matter is everything we have learned in school has been tightly controlled by a group of sadistic super oligarchs drunk on their own power since treasonous traitor Woodrow Wilson passed The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Making every man, woman, and child a chattel slave.

A country with a financial system that was designed to never get out of debt. A fiat currency backed by nothing but your slave labor. Economic slavery. Monopoly money. That same international banking cartel is responsible for the genocide of the Native Americans. In America, our functional ignorance excels in the areas of history, government and law, which really are one in the same.

Native Americans (the Indians) were murdered, their villages burned, many were enslaved, infected by diseases brought from England and their lands taken by force and the threat of force, by these early explorers!

Mr. Mayer Amschel Bauer, founder of the Rothschild Banking Empire; by this time, owned King George! It was Bauer who suggested to King George that he enforce a Tax against the Colonists in the New World, since the tax being collected in England was barely enough to pay the interest on the Kings loans.

When English soldiers refused to fight, Mr. Bauer negotiated a contract with unemployed Russian/Germanic soldiers, to fight for King George, at a cost of 50¢ a day. Bauer then informed King George that he had hired these soldiers in the Kings name but at a cost of $1.00 a day!

King George utilized these soldiers; dressed them in English soldier uniforms and ordered his career Officers to command them. When his show of force in the Colony’s failed; Mr. Bauer suggested that King George finance the Colonists in their War efforts against him, and bring the Colonists to their knees in debt!

Financing both sides of every war in history has made the Rothschild banking family insanely wealthy. War’s profitable. They don’t care who wins or loses because both sides end up indebted to them. The Founding Fathers eventually conceded to King George and the Holy Roman Church’s demands.

Of the fifty-one men involved in the creation of the Declaration of Independence, twenty-one were actually (traitors) and on the Kings payroll. They left that part out of our history books as well. We are taught to idolize every one of them.

Black Friday Benefits That Same Banking Cartel Today

So once you’re stuffed to oblivion celebrating an event in history that never happened, it’s off to shop till you drop, rack up more credit card debt, hell some people take out loans for Christmas shopping even.  Fighting the traffic and wolf pack crowds to get the hottest new toy your kid wants that’s on sale.  Something they’ll be bored within a month anyway.  All the while lining the pockets of corporate oligarchs who do everything they can to keep you in debt.  Control us like puppets economically.

I have only went black friday shopping once when I was in high school.  Which at the time seemed insane to me and that was nothing in comparison to what it’s like now.  I said never again and I have stuck to that.  I don’t know how many times people would tell me that would change once I had a child.  That I’d fold and give into the shopping insanity and risk getting mowed down to get my kid a toy. Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

Guess what?  I have a four-year-old and STILL haven’t gone.  It seems to get worse and more insane every year.  Now it’s not even really black friday shopping. They moved it up to Thanksgiving Day shopping.  What’s next? Serving turkey while standing in line at Walmart?

This time of year is a retailer’s dream.  This is when the “no” parents become a “yes” and will spend more than they know they should so they don’t disappoint their kids and hear how Timmy got something way cooler.  Am I telling people how to spend their money?  Of course not.  We have to work so hard for that money who wouldn’t want to spend it and enjoy the fruits of your slave labor?

The entire system manipulates us into going into debt and buying crap we don’t need without any regard to the damage we’re doing to the planet as a result of this same consumeristic society.  It’s one big trap.  In 2015, the average American spent $882 on holiday gifts.   In 2016,  that number rose to $929.

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”- John Adams

American commercialization of Christmas plays a very big part in how much the average American pays for all of his or her holiday expenses. Between gifts, holiday parties and decorations, Christmas in America seems to be getting more and more extravagant.

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