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The Elite Studied Human Behavior and Evolution Society in Order to Better Understand how to Control You

By Understanding Human Behavior And Evolution Society, the Elite Are One Step Closer to Creating a New World Order. 

The elite have used considerable amounts of money and resources in order to understand human behavior and evolution society. 

They have even created a society of professionals from all different studies of mankind to be able to best understand this section of human behavior. 

They feel that by knowing everything there is to know about human behavior that they can better control you. 

The elite have used every means at their disposal in order to be able to spy on the citizens of the earth. 

Thanks to the Patriot Act being passed after 9/11, the elite have all the freedom they need to be able to spy on anyone that they choose at any time that they choose which helps them in their studies of human behavior and evolution society. 

The elite know that the best way to be able to truly study someone is when they do not know that they are being watched. 

Human nature when being watched is to only let people see your best side so that you appear better than you actually are. 

No one likes to feel that they are less attractive in appearance or in behavior, so when being observed they will always be on their best behavior. 

This will not help the elite to be able to understand the true way in which people act and react to situations. 

This is why the elite use things like satellites in order to be able to observe and record the actions of the citizens. 

By recording people’s behaviors without them knowing the elite are able to run all sorts of experiments that will give valuable results. 

The Bill Gates Foundation has helped to be able to study the people of Africa without them knowing that they were having tests done to them. 

Controlling Spending 

One way in which the elite have found to use the information gleaned from the human behavior and evolution society is to watch and control the spending behaviors of the public.

Spending was first tracked by using RFID chips embedded in money. 

The chips are able to communicate with computers through radio frequencies in order to track the money from one source to another.

Knowing how money is treated, the elite are able to predict the economy and control its future. 

Controlling Income

The elite know that people act differently depending on how much money they have thanks to the human behavior and evolution society.

They know that if they want to bring someone with desirable behavior into a position of influence, all they need to do is pay them. 

Through the influence of money they reinforce the behaviors that they prize and show the public that if they act the same they will also be rewarded.

The elite use rewards in order to brainwash people into doing what they want them to do.

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