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The Federal Reserve and Jekyll Island

The History of the Federal Reserve and Jekyll Island Explain Much About the American Economy and How the Global Elite Bankers Have Taken Control of Our Money.

In these times of economic challenge, references to the Federal Reserve and the chairman of that large economic institution dominate the news.

What few know is the Federal Reserve is not a government body. The Fed is completely under private ownership.

That ownership began in the story of the Federal Reserve and Jekyll Island.

It is a story worth knowing because it surfaces a central bank that the founding fathers never wanted to see exist.

Jekyll Island is a beautiful retreat spot in Georgia that was originally purchased by the nation’s most wealthy men to serve as an exclusive club.

The retreat was so successful that by 1900, the membership of the exclusive retreat owned one sixth of the world’s wealth.

Some of the names of these amazingly rich and influential men included Vanderbilt, Morgan, Pulitzer and Gould. Powerful men from other disciplines could not get a membership in this exclusive club.

 Even Winston Churchill and President McKinley were declined membership, which can also be explained by the secretive goals of this small wealthy society that met on Jekyll Island.

 Operating completely in secrecy, this group used a monetary crisis in 1908 to form the National Monetary Authority, which eventually became a centralized bank known as the Federal Reserve.

The Bank Nobody Wanted

These wealthy men were crafty in not calling their creation a centralized bank because they knew that the country would not stand for that.

So the wealthy men who created this powerful bank made sure its real purpose was hidden.

The Federal Reserve was even set up to, in theory, be controlled by congress.

But the ownership of the Federal Reserve stayed firmly in the hands of large New York banking firms so that control was entirely a facade to keep people from knowing what these wealthy men were up to.

The history of European central banks was a disaster because influential Americans knew well how a powerful, privately owned central bank can enslave a nation. It had happened in Europe in the past.

The eerie history of such central banks is that they utilized government spending on a huge scale to bankrupt their native countries.

The outcome of this wholesale betrayal of the local economy by large centralized banks is commonly unprecedented deficit spending by the host government followed by untapped inflation that destroyed the middle class of that country.

Small wonder the founders of the American society had no use for a privately held centralized economic entity such as the one that drives the economy, the Federal Reserve.

The current economic emergency begins to be more understandable in light of the history of the Federal Reserve and Jekyll Island.

There have been heroes who have worked to stop overt efforts by wealthy individuals to set up a centralized bank.

The Rothschild’s tried to set up the Bank of the United States only to be stopped by President Andrew Jackson.

Things are not a They Appear

The conspiracy to hijack the American economy that started with the Federal Reserve and Jekyll Island has been more successful than most Americans realize.

As people watch the chairmen of the Fed make announcements about the interest rate that everybody pays, the assumption is made that that chairman speaks for the US government.

The realization that this huge centralized bank was never under control of the government and that it is modeled after the huge European economic and banking interests should be a chilling one.

But it also will eliminate some of the nation’s nativity about the loyalty of the Federal Reserve to the interests of the average American people.

The history of the Federal Reserve and Jekyll Island reveals some brilliant men with a mission to control the nation’s economy and do so without the interference of any governmental agency.

The protocol that the President of the United States would select the chairman of the Federal Reserve is a sham in that the way the board is selected and the terms on the board occur keep all of the power over the Federal Reserve squarely in private hands.

The plans drafted for the Federal Reserve continue to impact how the American economy and society work to this day.

Because the Federal Reserve is privately owned, the government has very little real power to influence the way the economy operates.

Instead of the congress or the American people running the Federal Reserve, this centralized bank is far more under the control of European financial banking interests.

So what happened to the physical place in Georgia where our economy was essentially taken over?

People can visit the birthplace of the Federal Reserve and Jekyll Island today.

The club that had so much economic power long ago closed and left the location and it is now a tourist site. So anyone can visit this historic island.

With the knowledge of what went on here, that little island is as much an important part of American history as any location in the country.

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