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The Search for Free Energy Put on by the Government is Fake

The Search For Free Energy by the Government is Nothing More Than Smoke and Mirrors.

The search for free energy is something that the government claims to be involved in, and they have taken money in order to allegedly find alternative energy solutions.

However, what they are really doing with that money is they are working to hide the real free energy solutions, and thus they are completely ruining the chance for free energy to be implemented into mainstream society.

The government has used its funds in order to silence those who have created free energy devices, and their search for free energy is a search and destroy instead of a search and discover, which is why the U.S. is currently in a stalemate in regards to free energy.

The government has waged a war against free energy, and they are working to discredit every experiment that has occurred as well as every inventor that has come forward with a free energy device.

The government is owned by the oil industry and the elite, and the media is also owned by the elite, which is why the information about free energy is so one sided.

The elite have made sure that the search for free energy information gives people the information they want them to hear, meaning people are not able to see free energy at work, nor are they able to see how the United States government is wasting their tax dollars in order to suppress this technology.

The Council on Foreign Relations is a major player in this cover up as they are in control of the media and they have made the media put out stories that make it look as if the government is diligently trying to use find free energy sources.

To outsiders, it looks as if the government is doing everything it can, but in reality, the government is only doing everything it can to suppress the technology, not to find it and learn how to implement it.

The Matrix

There is a powerful matrix that is in the world. The matrix filters the information and then gives it to the people. The matrix is pro oil.

They are pro money, and they are pro elite, which is why the search for free energy always comes up short.

As long as the elite are in control, this will continue to be a problem.

People must take control of this situation and search for the solutions on their own.

They have to implement the technology. Everyone must work on becoming energy independent.

Off the Grid

Living off the grid is one option for those who are looking for breaking away from the control of the elite and big oil companies.

There are communities that have worked to create a living environment that does not consume any oil.

This proves the government wrong. This proves that free energy really does exist, whether the government and the elite want to believe it or not.

Free energy is available and people must demand it. If the government won’t allow it to be mainstream, they must get it for themselves.

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