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The Truth About the American Revolution in Boston

What the American Revolution in Boston Meant for us.

America was once a British colony and it wasn’t until the revolution that it was considered as a sovereign state.

The main reason for the revolution is said to be because the English were charging high taxes, and the reason for these high taxes was because the government of England was in a lot of debt as a result of wars with France.

England also spent huge sums of money to have British troops stationed in America, so it was decided that the colonies should help to repay these debts and as a result many taxes were increased.

One of the taxes that were increased by England was the tax on importing tea to the American colonies, as tea was one of the most commonly imported products this tax stood to be very profitable for England.

Americans were not happy at these increased taxes and so the American revolution in Boston began with the Boston tea party.

On the 16th December 1773 a large group of men boarded ships in the harbor and threw 342 tea chests into the water. This was a protest over the high taxes put on tea imports and it certainly got people talking.

The revolution is always talked of very fondly by everyone and no human suffering is ever mentioned.

We are told that America is a great country and if anybody dares to question that then they will be ignored by everyone.

The American population has been conditioned over the years and is very defensive and protective over their country.

Reasons for the Revolution

We’re told that the reasons for the revolution were because of high taxes charged on American colonies.

There are actually plenty of other reasons for the American Revolution.

While the taxes on tea imports were the reason for the American Revolution in Boston it certainly wasn’t the reason for the whole revolution.

Whenever we hear anything about the revolution few people ever ask anything about the founding fathers.

Who exactly were these founding fathers and why doesn’t anyone want to know?

The founding fathers are actually related to British aristocracy which were the very same people that they were fighting against.

Not only that but they were almost all freemasons.

The freemasons are one of the oldest and most secretive organizations in the world.

If they wanted to create an independent America then it’s certainly for their own benefits.

It’s later been claimed by some insiders that America was created by the masons for an unknown purpose.

The Freemasons

The freemasons is by no means an innocent organization.

When one author tried to publish a book revealing secrets of the organization he was killed before it was able to be released.

The real reason for the American Revolution in Boston is money.

The elite want to keep control of everything in the country so that they can do anything they want.

The elite are able to control the money supply to do virtually anything that they want.

The freemasons are the elite that are really in control, so how can the founding fathers be members?

Was the revolution just an attempt to kick start the new world order and create a single powerful country?

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