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What are Microwave Energy Weapons?

Secrecy Around Microwave Energy Weapons.

How do you commit the perfect crime? 

Generally you do so in a manner that makes it impossible to prove you had anything to do with it. 

This is the reason that microwave energy weapons are frequently referred to as ‘the perfect weapon’ because they too are nearly impossible to detect. 

They are also impossible to trace.

If you happen to be the person initiating a crime with one of these potentially lethal gadgets it is highly likely you cannot be caught.

The big problem is that many governments are actively creating, improving and employing them.

Often they are not simply used against criminals or enemy armies, but also against civilians.

The next problem is that most people don’t really believe such weapons exist. 

Why are Microwave Energy Weapons Used? 

Currently there are a few variants of the microwave energy weapons. 

The most well-known is called the Active Denial System or by its nickname, the “pain ray”.

There are other styles of such weaponry as well, some are highly documented, but several are theoretical because their existence has yet to be proven authoritatively. 

The pain ray has been created to inflict pain upon the receiver of the microwave rays.

The rays themselves are completely invisible and present extreme feelings of pain in the flesh of the target.

Initially this weapon was introduced as an effective measure for crowd control.

Soon, however, many voices expressed concern about an important issue where the United States is concerned – torture.

In fact, many wonder if such microwave energy weapons are completely in violation of international law.

Strictly on Inflict Pain

If a weapon is non-lethal that implies that it can be used to make someone immobile or temporarily disabled.

If, however, a weapon has been especially designed for the sole purpose of inflicting pain it may eventually be used as an implement of torture. 

In the past, the United States has worked to skirt any international guidelines or demands by requiring the Department of Justice to test and develop all non-lethal weapons.

This is because they will be placed under the heading of “crowd control” and can then avoid the type of scrutiny a defense weapon must receive. 

Most interestingly, the United States government and military have conducted over twelve years of studies on the pain ray, and have yet to provide all of their findings.

The international community has specific questions about the effects of the pain ray on the eyes of victims due to the gamma rays emitted. 

In order for the Active Denial System to adhere to international law such information must be provided, but to date such data is still secret. 

Some Other Uses

As stated a bit earlier, the microwave energy weapons are not only put to use in the pain ray. There are also many other lasers and programs.

There are advanced tactical lasers that can deliver completely invisible annihilation to its targets with frightening accuracy.

Additionally, there are weapons only imagined by many with concerns about the powers of the technologies. 

For example, there are some who believe a modern microwave oven can be easily converted into a poor man’s ray gun which can be aimed at people in their homes.

They point out that instructions for such projects are available online and in printed materials, and they also express concerns that such weaponry is all ready at work. 

In the past there have been medical professionals who examined those who believed themselves to be such targets, and interestingly some validation was given to their beliefs.

A group of peace campers outside of an American military base in Greenham Common, England, for instance were found to be fairly accurate in their claims of directed energy weapons being used against them.

Of course not a single governmental entity has validated their accusations, but the scientific tests conducted do indicate the presence of unnatural waves and radioactivity in their locations.

This supports the camper’s claims of mysterious illnesses that are perfect matches to the symptoms of exposure to microwave energy weapons. 

The real dilemma around such weapons has to do with plausible deniability.

If such weapons are nearly impossible to prove or detect, how can they be stopped?

If the powers that be have something that can disable an entire crowd or shoot a single target in the midst of hundreds what will keep those who have such powers in check?

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