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What is the Perfect American Family?

Why is the Perfect American Family Derided in our Society?

The perfect American family ideal is often seen as something to be ridiculed and derided by those who seek to offer an alternative to the traditional family.

The family is frequently held up as an ideal that never existed and an unattainable goal for many families today.

This has caused a great many people to believe that any type of family is an acceptable family unit.

There will always be situations that make the perfect family an unattainable goal, but it should not be eliminated from the realm of possibility and should be held up as the ideal situation for raising children.

The media is a perfect example of the proliferation of different lifestyles and the many choices that are made for an alternative to the family.

In this way the media finds themselves controlled by the same criminal banking elite who own the Federal Reserve.

Brainwashing the American public into believing the destruction of the American family is a good thing is part of their plan which will be followed by a one world government they will control.

We are constantly shown how wonderful an alternative lifestyle can be and how it is not necessary to consider the traditional family as a possibility for our future or even as something to strive for in our families.

Of course, any family that loves and nurtures its members is a good situation, the traditional mother, father, and children family is not often seen as the goal that everyone should strive for as the perfect environment to raise well adjusted children.

The perfect American family is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

A High Ideal

The perfect American family, even though many people will claim that this is not possible, is a lofty goal that can be worked toward.

Unfortunately, there are many in power within the criminal international bankers that work very hard to tear down a great family to further their own agendas. Often times this will begin with finances.

Not every family is perfect, as not all the members of a family are perfect, but it is possible to hold to the ideals of a traditional family and try to raise children in the best possible environment that you can.

Instead of seeing this goal as something that is not possible and too difficult to achieve, it is far better to always be looking toward this ideal and trying to make your family the very best that it can be for the sake of your children and future generations.

Give Your Children the Very Best

Instead of giving in to the special interests who believe that the traditional family setting is evil, there are some who are really trying everything they can to fight off the people who wish to tear down what God made from the beginning of time.

We see more and more junk shows on television and now we are witnessing for ourselves just what our future holds as long as we are allowing the people pulling the media’s strings to continue.

The perfect American family is being ripped right out of society and this is all an attempt by the central banking system to create their New World Order.

This may seem far-fetched but these groups cannot stand up to the strength of the American family and this is why they are subtly trying to tear them down. Divide and conquer.

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