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Complete Freedom - From Tens of Millions of Victimless Crime Laws

Debt Discharge - Credit, Tax, Court, Student, Vehicle, Mortgage Debts

Freedom Education - Secrets to Living Completely Free of Government

Success Education - Secrets to Be, Do & Have All of Your Heart's Desires

Earn Great Money - By Referring Your Friends, Family and Acquaintances

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From all US Government Jurisdiction!


10 Times Faster Than You Could on Your Own!


30 Jam Packed Secret to Freedom & Success Modules!

Complete Freedom

In DTSS's Complete Freedom Membership Programs: your freedom is restored, you are no longer subject to ANY of the tens of millions of U.S. Government victimless crime laws, income taxes, judgments, licenses, permits, incarceration, etc. You regain ownership of your body and can put whatever you decide in it. Plus so much more!

All Via Customized, Automated Document Creation, Automated Email Notifications & Step by Step Instructions

Debt Discharge

In DTSS's Debt Discharge Membership Programs: you're out of credit card, tax, court, and student loan debts (vehicle loan and mortgage loan debts if you qualify) quickly, easily, and successfully once and for all, giving you a lower monthly payment, a better debt-to-income ratio, and a new credit profile for the estate. Plus so much more!

All Via Customized, Automated Document Creation, Automated Email Notifications & Step by Step Instructions

Complete Freedom
& Debt Discharge

In DTSS's Complete Freedom, Debt Discharge Membership Programs: you'll receive all of the potent benefits of both programs, freedom from the tens of millions of U.S. Government victimless crime laws, your debts are discharged with a much lower monthly payment, ending with a better debt-to-income ratio, etc. Plus so much more!

All Via Customized, Automated Document Creation, Automated Email Notifications & Step by Step Instructions


DTSS's Extraordinarily Powerful Membership Programs Are Unrivaled

Reorganized Trust to Act in Commerce

Your status as "surety" will be corrected. The reorganized Legal Name Trust operates in commerce with its bank account, and a lien held by you against its assets, thereby thwarting judgment creditors.

You'll Regain Ownership of Your Body

You'll reclaim ownership of your body and DNA, with Paramount Claim. You'll revoke franchise offices of U.S. citizen and Person. This means solid freedom from government jurisdiction and victimless statutes.

You'll Gain Highest Form of Evidence

You'll acquire a "Non-U.S. citizen," D.O.S. issued U.S. Passport, with Passport ID card; adding you to their do not detain, do not interrogate, lifetime concealed weapons permit list. Evidence of no gov. jurisdiction.

DTSS Members Love Our Superior Programs

What Members Say About the High-Caliber Debt to Success System Membership Programs

From my very first conversation with my Freedom Specialist...I knew I was dealing with an expert. He provided me with the contact information of several past clients without hesitation. There was integrity in his voice and the follow through to prove it. From the moment I started the program to present day... the quality of service I have received has been second to none and the value of the impact it has made on my life has been priceless.

Tom L. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Can I just say this to you... and I'm doing it publicly because I want everyone to know this. Since I joined DTSS you have been there to answer all of my questions, to hear all of my issues, and to resolve them. You sacrificed for my family and I so we could be alright. You can go wherever you want to go and do whatever you want to do in this world, but you chose to help people like me. You have a heart of gold and there's nothing I don't come to you for, but you have the answers. You amaze me and inspire me to be the best me I can possibly be. You've shown me how to think big, think outside the box, how to create with my mind. You've shown me priceless secrets, so I just wanted to share this with you from my heart. I appreciate you and the day you came into my life.

Matriya J. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

When you become 100% impassioned to reclaim what is rightfully yours, the process and support to walk you through is already in place. I have found the process to be eye-opening, enlightening and incredibly empowering. It is not a "product" or "thing" you purchase. Correcting your status as a free "human" is completely life changing and will stretch your mind and your being in ways you could never imagine. As I've experienced so far, laying the corrected foundation on which to build the rest of my life ROCKS!

Mike S. Commonwealth of Michigan

Restore Your Freedom & Discharge Your Debt!

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Throughout your Membership Program simply follow the Member Instructions, which are emailed to you consistantly when action is required or has been taken. They are also in the Member Login area.

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Earn thousands of dollars helping your acquaintences. Do you know someone requring help restoring their freedom, discharging credit card, tax, court, student, vehicle or mortgage debt? Refer them to DTSS.



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Restore America's Freedom
and humanity's as well!

We value your membership, your belief in us and your support of this major cause.


Top Reasons to Join DTSS

It took us years to gain our wisdom and experience so you don't have to. All you have to do is follow simple steps and your program will run like butter.
Your freedom is restored, you are no longer subject to tens of millions of victimless crime laws, you regain ownership of your own body and can do whatever you want with it.
You are out of credit card, tax, court, student, vehicle*, and mortgage* loans, quickly and easily, once and for all, for pennies on the dollar, plus manage a brand new credit profile.
You'll become empowered with 12 months of proven, practical, effective secrets of how you can live freely, outside of government's jurisdiction and laws.
You'll become empowered with 18 months of proven, practical, effective secrets of how you can be, do or have anything your heart desires.
Most Members become tax exempt after Step 9 of the programs. You may put entire Member Dues on a credit card, then discharge the total amount. Or, you may utilize our generous Referral Bonus to cover Member Dues.

The Debt to Success System

DTSS Office

Time is of the essence! Enroll today.

Your freedoms are being wiped away by the minute. Either restore your freedom now or live a life of serfdom, and allow your offspring to suffer the most egregious model of bondage the world has ever seen. No more time to think about it.

Your Membership supports our cause for a Free World Order enabling the manifestation of Free Necessity, Resource Based Economic Communities, along with Restoring America's Freedom. Enroll NOW! You'll feel wonderful that you did.

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