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Debt to Success System - DTSS Management

Debt to Success System - DTSS

Mark of Freedom, DTSS's Leader of Freedom

I am Known as Mark of Freedom

A man of tremendous courage, passion, determination and experience for the execution of freeing you from debt, taxes, government authority, and restoring all of your freedoms.

Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations

Rough Road

From the usual toxic vaccinations, at just over one year old I contracted type one insulin dependent diabetes. This caused one of the most challenging childhoods a child could ever have due to near death low blood sugars almost every day at unpredictable times, day and night.

I'll let you imagine the countless accidents and social challenges; losing consciousness and mental coherence at random times during the day, every day, caused during those childhood and teen years thereafter.

Thankfully the medicines and testing technology improved dramatically over the years allowing me to live an empowering life.

This challenge became my greatest gift. It turned me into one of the most determined, driven, dedicated, massive researching, freedom, justice, happiness, good health, truth seeking action takers ever. Briefly, here's how it went:

The only books I had access to in our home was a full set of encyclopedias, I believe my parents bought specifically for me. I began with reading them all cover to cover by age 10. This caused my love of knowledge and reading.

Aside from that, while enrolled in a private Christian school at age five, I utilized free classroom construction paper and supplies to turn my desk into my imagined tropical oasis. Many friends, who were fortunate and had lunch money, requested I create ornaments for their desks as well.

I soon created and sold numerous pieces of artistic desk ornaments for roughly $.10-$.25 a piece. After one year I had amassed a whopping $5.00.

Around then it became very apparent I required having food or drinks with sugar on hand to revive myself (and for others to help me with) from hypoglycemic, low blood sugar reactions.

The ice cream truck selling candy bars for $.50 a bar passing by my house each afternoon allowed me to keep them on hand, and instigated my next success. I realized, many of my school friends would love to have these forbidden candy bars as well. At $1.00 each, I immediately had a list of buyers.

At the end of that year I had saved a whopping $50.00, after spending most of my profits on Reeboks and cool clothes.

My parents separated at that time when I was seven years old. My father was the bread winner and my now single mother ended up with custody, having little resources if any.

On my dad's visitation rights, every other weekend, we'd attend his classic car swap meets at least once per month. On one hot summer day, while becoming thirsty or hypoglycemic, I discovered no concessions of any type.

Before the next classic car swap meet I suggested to my father that I'd like to bring a large amount of soda, put it in an ice chest and pull it in my wagon to sell to other thirsty car part buyers and sellers.

My dad instantly saw the brilliance in my plan and took me to a Sam's Club/Walmart where I invested my $50.00 and he invested another $50.00 or so in my bulk purchase of soda and ice.

My mother contributed the two big white paper marker signs proclaiming Cold Soda $.75 (my cost roughly $.17 per can). My first day I netted $350.00. After the first year I was selling coffee and donuts at $.50 a piece (my cost roughly $.05 each) from 2:00am until about 10:00am, and cold soda the rest of the day.

I then hired my brother at a fifty-fifty profit split of what he sold for pulling another wagon. I even started selling cold beer at $2.00 per can. By age 10, I had earned a whopping $30,000.00 ($300,000.00+ in today's devalued currency). This, before the swap meets refused to let me in ever again as they built their own concession stands.

Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

George Orwell

My Money & Religion Intrigue

Money Intrigue

I became very intrigued by this thing called money. I began fact-finding it intently with my father's help of taking me to endless coin dealers across the state.

I realized where the bills were printed or the coins were minted. What they were made of, and when. What Presidents and whose signatures were exhumed on the bills and coins, and why. I built a collection of some very rare species and complete minted yearly sets.

My intrigue continued to grow, and has expanded ever since, especially when a junior high friend showed me a picture of the Lamborghini Countach, and told me the price, which was far more than our house.

I also grew an intense hunger for reading. I consumed all 65 Hardy Boys Mystery books, then turned to the 55 Nancy Drew Mysteries as well. Reading through all of them in two years, I quickly gained the insight to solve many of the mysteries. That mixed with my intrigue of money, and well, a teen-aged investigator of money I became.

Through much finagling I was able to continue in the private Christian schools from that earlier mentioned age of five, through most of high school. I had to work in snack and lunch lines for my share of tuition. The beauty of attending private school was the association of friends with wealthy parents.

Over the next few years I used most of my $30,000.00 for clothing, food, necessities and to pay the mortgage banks that were ready to foreclose on my mom's/our house countless times. During this time I had discovered a thing or two about banks and debt as well as the lifestyle of my wealthy friends, where money was always abundant.

After school, their parents would take us to many places like movies, bowling, pizza, etc. Not once was there ever an issue of affording our fun filled afternoons. This was so entirely different than arriving at home to have few choices for dinner.

Because of my teenage friend's lifestyles, combined with my previous abundance and home life reality, I insisted on having more. More freedom, excellent health, relationships, and financial ability to be, do, have or go where I want, when I want, with who I want. After all, I saw first hand other people enjoying that.

Being in Christian school, I also discovered more and more truth about Christianity. Able to solve mysteries, it was easy for me to stump every pastor I came across (all the way up to pastors with enormous congregations), whom couldn't give me logical or provable answers to my questions.

It became clear, their outside god whom allegedly gave me a logical inquisitive mind, and apparently diabetes, didn't have logical answers to my questions. That lead to researching and studying (to this very day) religions, spirituality, the universe, the conscious, subconscious and super-conscious mind, emotion, energy, metaphysics, quantum physics, etc.

While reading and studying hundreds of books and recordings on the subjects, I uncovered the real truth about the purpose of religion, why 44 books of the bible were removed, why the remaining 44 were completely edited, as well as who owns the copyright on the world's best selling bibles.

Most importantly, I identified how to actually manifest what we dream, and why it is our divine right to do so, all of which lead me progressively to enormous success beginning in my 20's. Many of these truths are shared in our Member Success Education Modules today.

When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.

Nelson Mandela
Restore Your Freedom & Discharge Your Debt!

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My Entrepreneurship Taxes & Debt

Taxes & DebtPrior to discovering how to manifest, I knew that if I wanted things in my life to change, that I'd have to change things in my life. I just didn't know what required changing or how to do it. So, instead of always partying with my friends, playing video games, and watching TV everyday, I picked up books.

I studied autobiographies and biographies about every successful individual I could think of. Then I discovered their underlying similar traits and studied those subjects. Subjects like how they solve problems, who they associate with, how they speak and think, what they eat, where they vacation, their spiritual beliefs, and so much more.

Of course I followed through by taking action. I did everything I learned as best as I could. I failed over and over, and learned my lessons. I kept going.

After working at part time jobs from age 14 to 17, I ventured into another business. I figured out how to buy car stereos wholesale in downtown Los Angeles, then list them in classifieds and sell them for less than retail. This required obtaining a resale permit, and other government "permission slips." I did this for about a year or two, only selling one or two per week.

Being the proud American I was I filed my sole-proprietor taxes. Two years later I'd received another tax bill from my State claiming that I had to pay many thousands of dollars more because of the average taxes paid by other businesses in my industry. You know Best Buy, Circuit City, Al and Ed's, etc. WOW!

I then started my next business which was a printed junk mailer that I would mail out to local residents in the cities we sold ads in. Although working 20 hours per day, literally seven days a week (with staff on a mission, living in the office to work non-stop), that business lost many thousands of dollars. Come tax time, I was forced again to pay many thousands of dollars on this business that lost many thousands of dollars, already. WOW!!

A short while later I began working commission sales jobs and became very good. Being the proud American I was I would professionally calculate and file my income taxes only to find out a couple years later I would still owe many thousands of dollars to the IRS.

I called and fought with endless letters, only after their threat to take my car, I met with them to setup my alleged repayment plan of hundreds per month, for several years to pay them off.

By age 21 I had over $20,000 in credit card debt, almost all of it went to pay taxes from businesses that made small profits or lost entirely, and/or for personal income taxes. Living on my own, I could no longer afford to pay it, paying for my rent, car, necessities, oh and the constant, outrageous, increasing cost for diabetic supplies, etc.

After going through the incessant collection calls and destruction of credit ratings, I turned my focus on to repairing these credit ratings. I began intense investigation of the FDCPA and FCRP, etc.

I launched my campaign barage of a letter per day (having already learned about bulk mail from the previous venture) to each creditor, debt collector, and reporting agency; exclaiming I've never heard of XYZ Debt Collector nor do I have a contract with you.

I became so aggressive, I'd have 100 letters written, printed, autographed, stuffed in envelopes, stamped for each of them, dated one day apart and would mail out a batch per day. Within two years excellent credit was restored!

I soon began to realize, there sure is a lot of red tape to become successful in this "Land of the Free."

Freedom is never given; it is won.

A. Philip Randolph

My Medical Conspiracy Experience

Medical ConspiracyIn my mid 20s I developed diabetic neuropathy. All doctors I contacted told me it is incurable, your nervous system will die off, all we can give you is some drugs to make the pain less. I refused to hear such words and began to investigate solutions. Having been on the internet since 1992, I had access to then unfiltered information. I searched and searched for my remedy.

After two weeks straight, of non-stop searching, I found a remedy that required hundreds of ingredients to heal every cell in my system that could be restored. I began my treatment of taking certain calculated amounts of supplements when I woke, an hour before each meal, at each meal, one hour after each meal, and before bed.

Within two months, and less than $1,000, I had cured my incurable diabetic neuropathy.

I also stumbled across much literature explaining the cures to dieases, yet none of that information was being used by the hospitals I regularly visited for diabetes.

In the mid 1980s, I read a Time Magazine article by a doctor in China who had perfectly cured AIDS in men and women. I remembered that as nothing was ever heard about his cure ever again while countless numbers passed away from that terrible disease.

I studied more about doctors in Canada who successfully cured diabetes in men and women by injecting chile into the pancreas, which decreased the swelling of the cells that release insulin. Later I found out their company was bought out by a big pharmaceutical company, and the cure never released.

On three separate occasions my mom went to conferences by doctors or scientists who cured cancer with certain machines, only to tell me a few months later those doctors were dead, and their facilities were burned down or their machines were stolen.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

Ronald Reagan
Restore Your Freedom & Discharge Your Debt!

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What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man.

Robert Green Ingersoll

My September 11th Awakening

September 11thI had a dear diabetic friend who lived on Statin Island. She had just graduated NYU with a degree in psychology or psychiatry. We used to chitchat online in forums all the time about our situation.

A few months after that event, she was hired to be a counselor for the surviving NYFD. She told me several times "Mark what they are saying on TV is not true. I can't say anything on the phone, but it's all a lie." I thought, what on earth is she talking about? So I flew out to stay with her for a couple weeks.

She expounded telling me that the NYFD always filmed their rookies on their first calls out to the field. Usually because they played pranks on those rookies for fun.

On that day the surviving men had video they showed her during counseling, showing very clearly that the south tower was ALREADY BLOWN UP PRIOR to their arrival right after 8:45am when the first building was allegedly hit. They showed her video and explained there were dead bodies everywhere before the second alleged plane hit at 9:03am in the south tower.

I was stuck on the question, why? Why would there be a cover up? My examination and research deepened.

Shortly after I went to work at a debt consolidation company. By my tenth month there I discovered that 90% of all clients cancel out before they complete the program. This due to the fact the monthly payments in debt consolidation are more than the minimum payments they would have had to make paying on their own. They also walk away with destroyed credit.

I then quit to start my own enterprise offering debt settlement, which would give consumers a much lower monthly payment then in debt consolidation. While doing my focused research on settling debt I discovered all the connections between:

  • money being created out of thin air and the interest was never created, making it impossible to repay
  • that the Federal Reserve System is privately owned and is the fifth central bank in America
  • that the Revolutionary War was fought against England to break free from the same debt slavery system
  • that all wars are instigated and funded by the banking elite so they can enslave yet another country
  • that the U.S. Government corporation went bankrupt in 1933 (and two times previous)
  • that all U.S. citizens are owned slaves and payment of the debt to the Federal Reserve
  • that the pharmaceutical industry and their toxic vaccines and pills are for depopulation
  • that the media is all owned by the banking elite since 1935 to control the thoughts and beliefs of Americans
  • that the curriculum in all schools has been rewritten to keep the population unaware
  • that our country started as a free Republic and became a Communist Democracy in 1871 after the 1861 government bankruptcy
  • that 911 was an inside job and catalyzing event to roll in the banker's NWO and expand their Totalitarian rule
  • and so much more

Finally everything made sense. I couldn't sleep well for months knowing all the truth about these things. I refuse to fund a parasitical banking elite intent on killing and enslaving us, along with causing us to live in fear. So I went right to work on testing many remedies to free us.

Testing on myself, friends, family and volunteers, and from working with other experts, I learned to cancel bank debts. This lead to uncovering how to completely reclaim my "un-a-lienable" rights and freedoms, never earn "income," to be a "non-taxpayer," and to "discharge" all bank debt. I learned most importantly how to "over-stand" and be my own "authority."

According to the Internal Revenue Code and legalese, I am:

  • A Free Man
  • A Sui Juris
  • A Californian
  • A California National
  • A Non-Citizen National
  • A Non-Resident Non-Person
  • A Non-Resident Non-Taxpayer
  • A Non-Resident Alien
  • A Transient Foreigner
  • A Stateless Non-Person
  • In Transit
  • A Transient
  • A Sojourner

My Experience & Wisdom is for You

Wisdom & ExperienceBefore long after our humble beginnings in this cause, we turned the organization into an entity outside of all government jurisdiction as well. Later we began restoring our Member's complete freedom, discharging their debt, and teaching them the secrets and formulas for success.

Since then, we've caused volumes of articles to be published online of the truth, mailed out over 100,000 DVDs, carpeted numerous cities with full color flyers, funded Ron Paul campaigns, and so much more, all for our freedom.

We have withstood countless attacks; internal agent provocateurs, industrial espionage, spin and libel campaigns, been sued by a big bank, bank accounts being closed, thugs on the street, being followed, and had death threats by their alphabet agencies for spreading these truths... Yet, here we are free, assets securely protected, alive and strong.

To me that proves we are spreading the real truth.

I have not had to pay any bank created debt, business or income taxes since 2006, nor get any permits or licenses. I have safely ended countless police stops and escorted them off of my properties many times since. Yes, I have loud parties every now and then. I am FREE, I am responsible. Since then DTSS Membership delivers successfully, freeing towering numbers of Americans as well. You should be one of them.

I study as much every day as possible. I am abundantly healthy, in great shape, and live an empowering life of my dreams. I relay this to you to share that I have discovered a formula for success in anything I dream of. I will share it with you as part of the Success and Freedom Education portions of your program.

My thorough examination of success and freedom has consisted of researching books, articles, videos and lectures many hours almost every day. Often times with an obsession of taking written notes for grasping, deciphering, and utilizing such information, with discernment of course.

This combined with an enthusiasm for excellence in what we do, by sharing this material I intend to lead you to the actualization of your goals, dreams, visions and to the restoration of your freedom. YOU CAN TRUST ME AND DTSS!

Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.

George Washington
Restore Your Freedom & Discharge Your Debt!

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