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Once you regain your free American National status, you'll then require other mechanisms to hold and/or use your property and assets outside of government jurisdiction. These essentials will help you dependably hold private conveyances (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.), wealth, and real estate, as well as travel freely.

At a time when it seems that the federal or State government has a hand in everybody's property, whether it be through taxation, licensing or other forms of regulation, I am thankful that a method still exists by which an ordinary Citizen can protect his or her property from the bureaucratic vultures inhabiting all levels of our government.

Pure Trust Organizations (PTOs) are common law entities that have been around for over a thousand years. Plato is believed to have had PTO to protect his property. These common law mechanisms are even acknowledged in the Internal Revenue Code as being exempt from the income tax! As a matter of fact, the IRS will not issue a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) to a PTO, because it has no reporting requirements whatsoever.

What is a Trust

A trust - any trust - is a right of property held by one party for the benefit of another. If I entrust you with the keys to my car, I have placed my car in trust to you for my benefit. You must take care of my car for me.

There are two kinds of trusts: statutory and common law. Statutory trusts get their existence because some legislator wrote a statute. Whatever protections, tax breaks, or other relief that a statutory trust may provide you, the legislature can change the rules governing these trusts at any time, and you would have no recourse. This is because a statutory trust owes its existence to statute and is thereby regulated by statutory law.

A common law Pure Trust Organization, sometimes called a True Trust or Unincorporated Contractual Organization (UCO), gets its existence from fundamental law which pre-dates American legislative statute, and is thereby exempt from regulation by legislative statute. A PTO provides protection from taxation, liability, probate, and government regulation. It operates under God's law, the Magna Charta (1215 A.D.), and the laws embodied in the Holy Bible. Property held in a PTO is free from liens, levies, taxes and regulations imposed by federal or State government agencies.

History of the Pure Trust Organization

The oldest known PTO of record was set up by Patriot Patrick Henry for businessman Robert Morris, in the year 1764, twelve years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence! It is still operating today, under the name The North American Land Company. Most PTOs, however, protect their anonymity. Due to the extremely private nature of a PTO, you have no way of knowing who among your neighbors may operate from a common law PTO.

In 1968, while intoxicated, Ted Kennedy drove off Chappaquiddick Bridge, resulting in the death of 29 year old Mary Jo Kopeckni. At the time, there was no question that Kennedy was at fault. When the Kopecknis sued for the wrongful death of their daughter, they were offered (and accepted) a settlement of 30,000 dollars. From a Kennedy! For the death of their daughter!! Perhaps most surprising is the fact that they were lucky to get anything, because Ted Kennedy owns nothing! Everything he had is in PTOs and you cannot attach property belonging to a PTO, in order to collect on a debt incurred by an individual. Ted Kennedy has a public Oath of Poverty on file. Legally speaking, he is a pauper!

President John F. Kennedy had a cat. Somebody got badly scratched by the cat. He thought, "I've been scratched by a Kennedy cat. I'll sue!" Well, when you are John Kennedy, everything you have is protected by PTOs. This case was no different. It turned out that the cat was held in a PTO. Further, the cat was the only thing held in that particular PTO. The man sued, won his case, and was awarded the cat. This is how a PTO can protect you from liability claims.

A properly written PTO can erect an iron-clad wall around your assets and make you judgment-proof, because a PTO can not be held liable for your debts, nor can you be held liable for the debts of a PTO. Further, by diversifying your assets you can virtually eliminate liability claims against either you or the trust.

Legal Control

The key element in understanding why a PTO protects property and how to know whether a PTO will properly do for you what you want, lies in the test of control. This is what the IRS looks at when they attempt to pierce a trust's protective veil. The only important question that needs to be asked, with respect to setting up a PTO to protect your property, is "have I divested myself of legal control?" This is the only barometer that the IRS (or courts) will use when evaluating the validity of a trust entity.

You cannot maintain legal control and expect a trust to protect you. Legal control/ownership always carries with it liability. However, a properly crafted PTO will allow you to divest yourself of legal control while maintaining practical control of the assets in question. This requires that the principals of the PTO not be directly related to you.

I have reviewed several dozen so-called common law trusts or PTOs and found only one which I consider comparable to the Freedom Bound International PTO; it is sold in Hawaii for 5,000 dollars per trust (Freedom Bound's PTO costs only 1,500 dollars). Without exception, every other trust I have reviewed is fatally flawed, in that they either lack a clear Exchanger's divestiture of legal control or they contain other major flaws in their indenture and trust structure. If you are going to set up a PTO to protect your property you should first ensure that the trust you are creating will protect your property.

Principals of a Pure Trust Organization

A Pure Trust Organization is a three-party contract, between a Creator, an Exchanger and a Fiduciary Owner (trustee).

You - the Exchanger - start out with property you want protected. You exchange this property into the PTO, receiving back the assets of the PTO, consisting of 100 units of beneficial interest in the property held by the PTO. At this point you no longer own the property; the PTO owns the property. However, you are the only individual who can benefit from the PTO assets. Your role as Exchanger is over; you are now the Holder of Beneficial Interest. You may assign portions of your interest to other parties.

The Creator now hires a Fiduciary Owner (trustee) to manage the assets of the trust, for the benefit of the Holder(s).

A Protector is also appointed, whose sole job is to ensure that the Fiduciary Owner acts in the best interests of the Holder(s). The Protector is authorized to fire a Fiduciary Owner and hire a new one.

Neither the Fiduciary Owner, the Protector nor Creator may be direct relatives of the Exchanger or Holder, because this would give the Exchanger/Holder legal control.

You may also have several officers appointed to work for the PTO, including a General Manager, Assistant Manager or Secretary. These are non-required positions and I suggest not using them unless there is good reason to do so, because the main reason for establishing a PTO is to protect your privacy. However, there are circumstances which recommend filling at least the position of General Manager.

For example, let's say that you want to place your business into a PTO. You then have the PTO hire you as General Manager. In order to protect your interest, you have the bank account set up to require two signatures: the Fiduciary Owner (required on all PTO accounts) and the General Manager. You do not have legal control because you alone cannot access funds, but neither does the Fiduciary Owner have the ability to access funds directly. You maintain practical control. This is a common set-up for businesses placed into trust. Also, if an IRS agent ever visits you at your work place, you can honestly tell him, "I just work here, go talk to the owner."

If your PTO has been structured in the manner described above, you can then show that you have divested yourself of legal control and your trust will hold and protect its property from taxation, regulation, and attack by government or IRS agents.

Trust or Corporation

There are four qualities which define a corporation. The IRS and courts have determined that if a trust shares three of these qualities it shall be treated as a corporation for purposes of taxation and regulation. Here are the four characteristics of a corporation.

  • Centralized management
  • Limited liability of the principles
  • Continuity of life
  • Easy transferability of beneficial interest

Items 1 and 2 are shared by a well-crafted Pure Trust Organization, items 3 and 4 are not. Thus, a properly written PTO will pass this test and be treated separately from a corporation.

You may wish to assign successorships at the time your PTO is created. Successors can be pre-qualified at any time, simply by including their names, mailing locations and telephone numbers in the PTO Minutes. When identifying successors to Holders of Beneficial Interest, the number of units going to the successor must also be specified. The most commonly identified positions for successorship include: Holders of Beneficial Interest, Fiduciary Owner and Protector.


A conduit is a chain of trusts that begins domestically and ends up off shore. Offshore trusts are being used with increasing frequency to protect American assets. However, most people do not realize that a direct transfer of assets from the uSA to an offshore location, sets up a dozen different red flags at the IRS, which is looking for and targeting these direct transfers.

The Internal Revenue Service Revenue Ruling 69-70 says, "a United States citizen may be the recipient of a distribution from a Foreign Grantor trust, and bring the money into this country tax free."

A properly erected trust conduit allows you to move funds offshore and then bring them back tax free. For example, you might have a house in trust. The trust sells the house and runs the proceeds through the conduit, ending up in a Foreign Grantor trust, which makes a tax free distribution to you. End result: no capital gains taxes!

The conduit structure I prefer contains five trusts: two domestic and three foreign. I use Belize as the domicile for my foreign trusts, but Isle of Man is very good, as are a variety of locations around the globe. Andorra looks particularly interesting. I have specific reservations regarding Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Switzerland.

In the conduit structure, trust two is the Holder of Beneficial Interest in trust one. Trust three is the Holder in trust two; trust four in trust three, trust five in trust four. You are the Holder in trust five. Each trust makes distributions to the next trust in the conduit, culminating with trust five (Foreign Grantor) which makes a distribution to you which the IRS admits is totally tax free.

Additional Points

  • The Internal Revenue Service admits that they cannot tax property owned by a PTO.
  • Most attorneys will not advise you to create a PTO, since it would represent a direct conflict of interest on their part.
  • A PTO may be considered a "living" or "inter vivos" trust, since these terms apply to any trust established during the lifetime of the Exchanger.
  • A Common Law PTO is irrevocable.
  • A PTO is an "active" trust, because the trustees have actual duties to perform.
  • A trust can be either "complex" (able to accumulate income with distribution at its discretion) or "simple" (income is distributed currently, which means at least annually).
  • A Common Law PTO is considered to be a "foreign trust" as defined in 26 USC 7701(31) (Internal Revenue Code) and as such is exempt from the income tax.


We are rapidly approaching a time when individual property rights in the united States of America will be all but eliminated, in favor of a Communist Manifesto-style relationship between government and the people. If you take steps now to protect the fruit of your labor, to preserve your heritage for your family, friends, loved ones, for your country, you can still successfully and lawfully avoid the tightening regulatory grip of the United States federal government, its agencies, quasi-agencies and instrumentalities. For your own sake, please don't delay.

Remember, it's your life and your property. Protect it before it's too late.

by Brent Johnson

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Allodial: "Free; not holden of any lord or superior; owned without obligation of vassalage or fealty; the opposite of feudal."

As you know, Legal Title is ownership of property that is cognizable or enforceable in a court of law, or one that is complete and perfect in terms of the apparent right of ownership and possession, but that, unlike equitable title, carries no beneficial interest in the property.

Equitable Title refers to the actual use and enjoyment of a given property without real, absolute ownership.

Allodial Title is both Legal Title and Equitable Title.

Allodial Title is the heart and sole of the construct of the United States of America. This is how you hold title to your land, free and clear of any taxes or encumbrances. The government cannot come onto your land, you are sovereign on your land. Imagine owning land where you knew, if all went wrong, you could at least go and grow vegetables and survive - this is what the USA is meant to be.

Following the fraud of the Federal Reserve Banking Act and the owners of that bank causing World War One and the Great Depression and the bankruptcy of the USA, banksters deceptively eliminated Allodial title and the heart of the USA was torn out.

It comes as a shock when you realize that you do not own what you thought you owned. Go to the Bureau of Land Management to find out who owns your land.

In the Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolutionary war, the American people were given their lands in "Allodial Title". Citizens owned all the property free and clear. At some point the U.S. government returned the country to the feudal system of property ownership, forcing an obligation to pay duties/tax.

From Wikipedia:

Allodial Title is a concept in some systems of property law. It describes a situation where real property (land, buildings and fixtures) is owned free and clear of any encumbrances, including liens, mortgages and tax obligations. Allodial Title is inalienable, in that it cannot be taken by any operation of law for any reason whatsoever.

This seems to tie in with the "Freeman on the Land" concept, common law vs. marine law and so forth. It relates to cars, too, in that there's a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin whereby even if you pay off your car in full, your Pink Slip is nothing more than a "Certificate of Ownership" - but not the ownership itself, of which the state retains partial ownership allowing them to tax you and require you to register and license your vehicle. If you can get the Allodial Title, which appears to be extremely difficult, then you would have no obligation to the state at all.

As the economic crisis worsens, expect the governments, in their economic desperation, to be increasingly more stringent on rules, regulations, and raising taxes in general, and on property owners in particular. In Canada and the US, there have already been several property tax increases. Don’t be surprised if more of this will come shortly. Property rights is a basic virtue that many of us take for granted, but there may be a hefty price to pay for being a land owner in the future–something that would be irrelevant if you obtained an Allodial Title on your land.

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What is a Commercial Lien?

If someone has 'wronged' you, by their actions, you have a remedy, in Law. The Common Law is the Law-of-the-Land, and is the highest man-made Law under which the People of the Nation are bound.

Under the Common Law, everyone is individually responsible for their own actions. The 'office' they may hold, the 'authority' they may consider they have, and/or the uniform they may wear, does not protect them in any way, shape, form. Simply because they (like everyone else) are responsible for every action they take. This was set into tablets of stone following Word War II, at the Nuremberg Trials. German Officers claimed "I was only obeying orders", yet they were still found guilty, and hung accordingly. This also forms a part of the Geneva Convention to which most Countries are signatories, especially the United Kingdom. Thus "I was only obeying orders" is not a defence.

The reasoning is simple: BEFORE taking any actions against anyone else, make sure that what you are doing is lawful and moral. If you suspect that the action you have been ordered to take is either unlawful or immoral, then you must refuse to obey. You can report the order, and your reasons for believing it to be unlawful and/or immoral to a higher authority. You can go as high as you like in the chain of authority, pointing out that anyone who conspires to support the unlawful/immoral order are making themselves accomplices, in Law. And that, as a consequence, they (themselves) will be held fully accountable, in Law.

The Process itself

In simple terms you write down The Exact Truth of what occurred, based on your first-hand knowledge, including any necessary supporting documentation. You will be writing under penalty of perjury, so do not lie, or make any Statements you feel you cannot prove. You explain the 'wrong', and you claim damages. You claim damages that you feel you deserve.

You write this in the form of a sworn Affidavit, and send it to whoever 'wronged' you, giving them 30 days to rebut what you have said. You tell them that you will remove any Statements they can prove to be incorrect, but the result (after all removals) will be Notarised and placed on to the Public Record.

You must take this step. Because it is honourable, and you must remain in honour. You cannot expect a Commercial Lien to work if you cannot prove this step. Thus your Notice should be sent by Recorded Delivery, such that you can prove it was received. If you do not take this step you can expect your collar to be felt at some later date because it is essential, and the essence of the Common Law, that a Party you consider offended you has the chance put their side of the story, and you must not deny them that chance.

It is very important to remember how the Common Law works. This is solely by Verdicts of Juries (upon hearing first-hand knowledge-based evidence) and by unrebutted Statements of Truth (also based solely upon first-hand knowledge).

What remains unrebutted, in substance, creates The Truth, in Law. (This is the only way the Law can work. It relies on people being truthful, with the possibility of perjuring themselves if they lie). Note that 'in substance' does not mean 'simple denial' as in "No, I didn't!". 'In substance' means denial with supporting proof. (And remember "I was only obeying orders" is not 'proof', nor is it any kind of defence. Neither, by the way, is "I didn't know" - because ignorance of the Law is no excuse. They should have checked, and discovered whether or not their actions were lawful and/or moral, before doing whatever they did).

Being The Truth, in Law, it immediately becomes The Judgement, in Law.

This is why, as a Witness, you are required to swear to: "Tell The Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth". Simply because all judgements are based on that. (I repeat ... it is the only way the Law can work).

Now that you have an Affidavit that remains unrebutted, you can get it notarised by a Notary Public. 'Notarising' consists of identifying yourself to the Notary (Passport, Driving Licence, etc), and signing your Affidavit in his or her presence ... such that he or she can verify that it was you, yourself, making your signature. The Notary will apply his seal, and will sign accordingly. (Their fees for doing this range from £30 to £50 on average).

All you need to do from this point onward is to 'place the fact that your Affidavit exists on to the Public Record'. This can be done by talking out a small advertisement in a newspaper. Within the advertisement you can invite Debt Collection Agencies to contact you - in order to actually exercise the Commercial Lien debt.

What can the Lienee do about this?

Judges know that they cannot affect a Commercial Lien because it is based on first-hand knowledge, which they can never have. Only you can have that knowledge. Only you can make the Statements you made. Thus there is nothing for them to 'judge', and they know that.

The Lienee, therefore has three options:

  1. To pay up the full amount you have demanded.
  2. To engage a Common Law Court, with a Jury of 12, to have their side of the story considered. In this Court you will also be able to explain your side of the story to the Jury. The Jury has the power to wipe away your Lien (if, for example, they don't believe what you stated), or to modify the amount you have demanded (if they think it was unreasonable). This is because the whole process derives from the Common Law (Note: Not Statute Law, which is subsidiary to Common Law!).
  3. To wait 99 years with the Lien hanging over their head. However, within this period, you can progress your Lien via Debt Collection Agencies and Credit Reference Agencies.

Who can you take out a Lien against?

Anyone you feel who has wronged you - or conspired to wrong you. For example, the Directors of a Company who have made demands upon you, without a Contract of Obligation from you. For example, all Debt Collection Agencies who simply write, demanding money, when you have never heard of them before, and know that you have no obligation to 'do business' with them. They may write on the basis of a Parking Fine, or whatever. The point is they do this without having first obtained a lawful obligation from you. They may very well claim a Warrant from the Northampton Bulk Clearing Centre, but you never consented to be 'judged' at Northampton Bulk Clearing Centre (and were never given any opportunity to put your side of the story). Furthermore the Warrant is not based on the Verdict of a Jury, or sworn Affidavit from first-hand knowledge (computers do not have first-hand knowledge!). So any such Warrant is void in Law. Consequently, if they continually harass you, they are (seriously and criminally!) 'wronging' you.

Therefore you go to the Companies House Website, and pay £1 for a Current Appointments Report on the Debt Collection Agency. This will list the names of the Directors. You apply a Lien to each of the Directors, because it it their responsibility to make sure that their Agency acts in honour, and within the Law, not outside of it.

Important Notes

If you read the description above carefully, you will see that - in order to apply a Commercial Lien - you do not need to get a Court's permission. The Lienee would need to take you to Court (with a Jury of 12) in order to get it removed, or the amount reduced, without making a payment.

Obviously you need to be prepared to remove it yourself, if they do pay up.

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Manufacturer’s Statement Of Origin ORS 801.185

“Certificate of title” means a paper document issued by any jurisdiction specifically as evidence of vehicle ownership. A certificate of title is not necessarily the only evidence of vehicle ownership issued by a jurisdiction.

Notice the “For Official Government Use Only” sticker on the back of your new stickers from the State. Notice the words “VOID” in the watermark of your “Certificate of Title” in several places. Still don’t believe the State owns your vehicle?

Certificate of Title

  1. indicates “beneficial holder” as part of a trust relationship
  2. State is the trustee
  3. registration, license and insurance required by owner
  4. only an owner can license
  5. revoke State trusteeship over “vehicle” after clearing yourself of adhesion contracts

To hold true or allodial title to automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, or as we call them, “place-travel devices,” requires a process of either securing the MSO, or revoking the State’s trusteeship over the motor vehicle and exporting it into the jurisdiction of the free republic.

This will not only purchase the vehicle, but also transfer the allodial title to you. You must pay for the vehicle with $21 silver with the balance in FRN’s.

Do not register the vehicle with the State.

So here is a summary of the steps necessary to purchase a used conveyance, and revoking the State’s trusteeship over the motor vehicle and securing true title:

Buying a Used Car

  1. likely, you cannot get the MSO, because it’s been destroyed or microfilmed by the State, therefore you must revoke the States trusteeship over the motor vehicle
  2. purchase it with a Bill of Sale including a Bill of Conveyance along with $21 silver and the balance in FRN’s to transfer allodial title
  3. return the “Certificate of Title,” registration and plates to the DMV
  4. dismantle, salvage or export to a foreign jurisdiction OR register it in a company or Trust organization
  5. travel by right freely in your private property OR lease the vehicle from a company or Trust organization.

If the “Certificate of Title” is presently in your name, you must notify the State of your allodial ownership via a Bill of Conveyance or the MSO if can locate it.

Revoke the State trusteeship over the “vehicle.”

You could also transfer the equitable interest of the automobile or truck into a Common law Trust and isolate your liabilities there. Go ahead and transfer the title into your name, or directly into a trust or foreign entity.

Gaining Allodial Title to your vehicle is a service offered by Just let us know your circumstances and we will walk you through gaining the title back for you.

All registered vehicles are property of the state and therefore are subject their laws regarding acting in commerce on the road. You must first de-register your private conveyance or order a DTSS Private Conveyance De-Registration Program, which includes the Private Traveler package as shown below.

  • Two (2) License plate replacements (Durable and weatherproof printed plastic plate replacements that are made to fit perfectly where your old plate went).
  • Five (5) Exercise Your Rights Cards
  • One (1) I'm Not Talking Sticker
  • Downloadable Notice to agents of government (WITH TEETH!). One to send to your local law enforcement, and one tho show them when you are stopped.
  • Downloadable Automobile surety bond (for lawful responsibility purposes in case of an accident)
  • Downloadable Declaration of political status document.
  • Downloadable Four pages of Supreme Court and other Citations about your right to travel.
  • One (1) Paperback copy of "Acting With Honor And As King" - police procedure book, how to handle all encounters with government.
  • Downloadable Instructions for use.

Review the articles, script and documents on the Difference in Driving v. Traveling page (provided to Members only), inside our system.

Private Property Not For Hire License Plates
Private License Plate Testimonial

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Complete Freedom

In DTSS's Complete Freedom Membership Programs your freedom is restored, you are no longer subject to ANY of the tens of millions of U.S. Government victimless crime laws, income taxes, judgements, licenses, permits, incarceration, etc.. You regain ownership of your body and can put whatever you decide in it. Plus so much more!

Debt Discharge

In DTSS's Debt Discharge Membership Programs you're out of mortgage loans, student loans, (vehicle loans for those who qualify), taxes, credit cards and unsecured debts, effortlessly, quickly and easily, once and for all, with a lower monthly payment, ending with a better debt-to-income ratio and a brand new credit profile. Plus so much more!

Complete Freedom
& Debt Discharge

In DTSS's Complete Freedom, Debt Discharge Membership Programs you'll receive all of the potent benefits of both programs, freedom from the tens of millions of U.S. Government victimless crime laws, your debts are discharged with a much lower monthly payment, ending with a better debt-to-income ratio, etc. Plus so much more!

Freedom Education

The Freedom Education portion of your program consists of 12 modules made up of an expanding amount of content hand selected by truly free advisers. These modules include some of the content read before, during and after they became completely free from government and debt.

Success Education

The Success Education portion of your program consists of 18 modules made up of over 180 hours of videos hand selected by truly successful advisers. These modules include some of the audio-books read before, during and after they became very wealthy, happy and healthy.

Freedom Extras

In the DTSS Complete Freedom, Debt Discharge Membership Programs you'll receive access to other benefits like irrevocable common law trust creation, commercial lien execution, vehicle de-registration, common law traveler conveyance plates and soon, allodial title on real estate.

Time is of the essence! Inquire today.

Your freedoms are being wiped away by the minute. Either restore your freedom now or live a life of serfdom, and allow your offspring to suffer the most egregious model of bondage the world has ever seen. No more time to think about it.

Your Membership supports our cause for a Free World Order enabling the manifestation of Free Necessity, Resource Based Economic Communities, along with Restoring America's Freedom. Take action NOW! You'll feel wonderful that you did.

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