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Blog Category: Military Industrials

NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency

One of the over 3,000 new Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department on New Year’s Eve, contain damning evidence of Western nations using NATO as a tool to topple Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi.  It was, as usual, the U.S. doing what the U.S. does best.  Portray a nation’s leader without a Rothschild established central bank as

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Police State Building in America: The New Normal

Just when you think the level of corruption within the criminal justice system can’t get any worse, you read stories like the ones linked below.  This is just a FEW examples of the brutality and excessive force being used by police state in America all over the country. They are being trained in Israel to

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Globalism or Nationalism? Both STINK

In this dog eat dog world we live in, one must stop and take a step back and look at how we are either contributing to the world’s problems or actively working to make them better.  The division between the left and the right in America all boils down to Globalism vs. Nationalism. Both parties

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Project Stargate: RED PILL ALERT

The top-secret project, run by the Defense Intelligence Agency, would be dubbed Project StarGate. Between 1972 and 1995, the CIA and other US governmental organizations asked dozens of young citizens to explore an unconquered frontier: the realm of the psyche Major Ed Dames was one of five officers trained to monitor and analyze ‘remote viewing’, a

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Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Exposed as a “Targeted Mass Sterilization Program”

Below is a 123-page declassified document that discusses “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests,” which ought to open eyes and thinking. National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200 Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (THE KISSINGER REPORT) December 10, 1974 CLASSIFIED BY Harry C. Blaney, III

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A City in California Stood Up to Tyranny and Blocked 5G technology Cell Tower, Sets Precedent

Revolutionary research has shown that hindering exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) produces significant symptom changes in 90 percent of patients with autoimmune disease. This provides proof that radiation poses innumerable health risks to humans. A recent study that was published in the peer-reviewed journal Immunologic Research titled “Electrosmog and Autoimmune Disease” enlightens people regarding the

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