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Do You Have Good Computer Ethics?

Why Good Computer Ethics Are Necessary In Our Modern World. Cyberspace Has Opened a Whole New Arena of Commerce and Communication and New Rules Apply Accordingly.

Good computer ethics are essential in today’s day and age where just about everyone finds themselves using a computer.

There is no question that computers raise specific ethical issues. You should never use a computer to harm another person.

You should never use a computer to interfere with the work of another.

You should never snoop in other peoples files anymore than you would snoop in someone’s mail. You should never use a computer to steal.

You should never use a computer to create a false identity or a false situation.

You should never use computer software that is pirated and not paid for.

You should never use another’ computer resources without asking, a common problem with wireless internet connections.

You should not steal intellectual property that is not yours. You should use the computer in a manner that is respectful to others that use the computer and the internet.

Think about the social implications of what you do on the computer and online.

The Social Impact of the Computer

Computers have changed the way we do business, interact on a social level, make friends, and spend our free time.

And with it has come many questions about ethics and what is right and wrong when it relates to the use of computes and the associated technology.

For example, in the workplace we may have access to many individual files from co-workers do we have the right to access them.

At home one family can share one computer so what is the proper etiquette?

When we are online surfing, on a social network site, or perhaps chatting through MSN what are the rules?

Computers have not only changed the way we do business, they have changed the way we make friends, the way we date, the way we keep in touch with our dear old friends.

They are a tool and a curse all at the same time.

Because of the use by the many it is important for good computer ethics to be in place.

Problems with Ethics and the Computer

One of the most common problems with computer ethics occurs because the policies about how the technology should be used were created in a bubble, and seldom does the use of the computer remain in that bubble.

After all the computer is an amazing tool that lets us explore the world and learn about other cultures. It’s also a tool that can be abused, whether online, at home, or in the workplace.

However many times in the work place there are either no policies pertaining to conduct or there are policies that are not realistic to the workplace or the situation.

Computers are the Future

Computers help us find answers and it is a great way to learn what is really going on with our local governments in our very own community.

It’s a tool that will allow us to find answers to just about every potential question that may arise.

Computer ethics should include consideration at a personal level, social level, and business level to obtain the best policies. Good computer ethics work for everyone.

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