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A Free Energy Generator Has the Power to Eliminate Energy Costs

A Free Energy Generator Would Change the Energy System of the World. 

A free energy generator occasionally pops up in the news, and for a short period of time in the news, and for that period of time people are skeptically excited, and then the generator and the inventor are never heard from again. 

People from the United States and other countries across the world have proven that free energy exists, and when they go on television or to the mainstream media to showcase their invention, they are initially praised and then discounted.

The reason this is so suspicious is one can actually see it working on the news, and yet, later a scientist will come on and say that it was not possible. 

It would be one thing to have faith in a free energy generator, but it is not blind faith when you see it with your own eyes, which makes it incredibly odd that the government tries to deny the existence of such energy sources. 

The government has set aside some money in which they are supposed to research free energy, but instead of spending that money on research, they are actually spending their budget in order to discount the scientists and inventors that have come forward with the projects. 

They are shutting down websites and ruining people’s lives, all because people realized that free energy is a real possibility and they discovered how to capture that energy and make it work for them.

Just recently, a generator was created that runs on magnets and a battery, and it produces over five times the amount of energy that it uses on a home, which means it would be able to put energy back into the grid. 

This free energy generator would change the way the world looked at energy, and yet it will never actually make it into the mainstream because it is going to be discounted by scientists and then blocked. 

Oil makes the world unstable, and the governments around the world feed on that instability, which is why they will never allow free energy to be consumed in the mainstream. 

Oil and Death

More people have died in the name of oil than anything else in the world.

There are people in the Middle East now because of oil. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney invaded over oil and the New World Order. 

It is also rumored that some inventors of free energy devices have died, and once again, this is in the name of oil.

To the elite, oil is worth killing for because it is their livelihood. They are willing to do anything to keep oil a priority for the people. 

Writing the Laws of Science

The argument the government appointed scientists always make regarding free energy is it does not agree with the laws of science. One has to question the laws of science.

Were the laws written in the way they are so they will not agree with a free energy generator?

The elite have been known to change the rules to fit their own agenda, and there is no reason to think they would not touch on science as well.

It is time to evaluate the laws and learn the truth.

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