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A Good Credit Score Scam

A Good Credit Score Scam

Having a Good Credit Score May Seem Like an Accomplishment, but Very Few Americans Realize the Banking Mafia Uses Credit to Economically Enslave Those Who Borrow Money.

Americans have indoctrinated their whole lives about the getting and keeping a good credit score scam.

They will need it to get any kind of loan from a financial institution or to get a credit card. A good score, it seems, is necessary to conduct our daily lives.

Increasingly, they will also need it to qualify for a good job, to rent an apartment and to obtain better insurance rates.

Nevertheless, it seems inaccurate to equate one’s debt management record with the ability to perform a given task at an office, or the ability to be a good driver.

Unfortunately, using a credit score as a proxy for human worth is just one way that the banking mafia who controls the credit card industry Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Visa and Mastercard-can exert control over the spending public and keep them cowed into financial submission.

The sad truth is that having a good credit score is a hollow achievement.

It merely says something about a consumer’s historical ability to spend and repay debt, without indicating anything about the quality of their character or future.

Buying into the concept of spending power as an indicator of human life value is demeaning and dehumanizing.

The whole process of distilling a person into a number is degrading, which is just how credit companies want it to be so that they can keep consumers in their place, at the bottom of the pile.

Of course, once consumers have figured out the system, it only makes sense to change it again.

Give it up

With the valuations shifting, keeping a good credit score will be harder than ever for Americans, especially those who are young, on fixed incomes or going through some kind of financial hardship.

Also, such system changes frustrate those who seemed to have mastered the game.

For it is a game, and giving people a number makes it all seem even less real. They are not real people with real needs and real problems.

They are just customer accounts ranked with a number that can be charged late fees and interest penalties if they ever even think of getting out of line.

For those attempting to play the impossible good credit score game, we encourage you to join a DTSS Debt Discharge Membership Program right-away so you can finally breathe.

Greed is Not Good

Unfortunately, greediness is an ingrained part of the credit card industry. Whether a consumer has a good credit score or a bad credit score, they shouldn’t be judged on scores at all.

The scores just provide a way for the industry to keep the poor downtrodden and to extract higher interest rates from the more fortunate.

Americans who think they will never mess up in the eyes of their creditors or never hit a rough patch are just kidding themselves. They have not seen the ugly side of the greediness.

Once a good score is lost, the resulting bad credit score is hard to fix so that higher fees can be charged longer.

The crashing economy will give those at the top a chance to see how letting the credit card companies score consumers negatively affects American life.

It will be an unpleasant lesson to learn at the greedy hands of the banking mafia.

No one is on a mission to free us from debt and government slavery like the team and Members of DTSS. Please join us directly, in order to avoid Debt to Success System scam wannabes run by the banking cartel minions.

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