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Abraham Lincoln Speeches

Abraham Lincoln Speeches, The Best in Presidential History.

Most historians consider the Abraham Lincoln speeches to be the best speeches ever delivered by a political or president of the United States.

For decades, public speakers have emulated his words and style.

That especially is true today of our newly elected president, Barack Obama. Obama has made no secret of his attempts to be like Abe.

Of all the magnificentt words crafted by Lincoln, the one considered by nearly all to be the best of the best is the Gettysburg Address.

This speech is inscribed on the walls of the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC.

Considered to be plain among his peers and outwardly simple by the people, Lincoln surprised everyone with his proficiency with pen and the spoken word.

Throughout the Abraham Lincoln speeches, Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg Address, the Second Inaugural Address, and others, the president used his words to hold a divided country together.

His words bound up “the nation’s wounds” and comforted in times of heartache and pain. He was inspired to strive for the “better angels of our nature”.

A recent survey ranking presidents was released this past weekend during the President’s Day Holiday weekend.

Lincoln came in first among the 42 men who have occupied the White House to date.

The survey asked participants to rank the presidents on ten qualities of leadership including public persuasion and moral authority.

Lincoln Repeat Winner

This same poll was conducted several years ago and Abraham Lincoln speeches finished on top that time, as well. Historians theorize that Lincoln does well because he is perceived as the embodiment of this country’s core values; integrity, moderation, persistence in the pursuit of honorable goals, respect for human rights, and compassion.

Washington Second

Founding father and first president, George Washington finished second, while FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, and Harry Truman followed in that order. Recent presidents who finished high included Bill Clinton who actually jumped in the rankings from 21st to 15th. Ronald Reagan rests in 10th place, while George W Bush ranks 18th. The most recent Bush is mired in 36th place near the bottom.

Grant Makes Biggest Jump

While Grant won the Civil War for Lincoln, he usually gets dinged by historians for failing to better steer the country through reconstruction. Unlike the man imaged in the Abraham Lincoln speeches, Grant was known for having a very corrupt administration. However in this recent ranking he managed to jump 10 places.

George W Tanked in Ranked

Historians admit that ranking recent presidents is difficult. There must be time to look at and to dissect their writings since few make immediate impact like those of Lincoln’s speeches. The younger Bush may rise in the rankings eventually. However right now he came in around the bottom with the likes of Herbert Hoover for company.

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