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Acession to the European Union Now

Accession to the European Union and the North American Union Are Paths for the Global Elite’s Goal of a One World Globalist Government Controlling All Commerce.

How can a state legally become a member of the EU? Acession to the European Union, how does this mechanism work exactly? How can one country join this conglomerate of others and yet retain the individual rights and freedoms for its people?

In theory the European Union sounds like the land of the free, similar how the United States of America sounded in the past years, but in practice, it is proved to be different for both.

The European Union treaty states that any of the states that respect the principles on which the European Union is based may apply to become a part of the EU. Those principles are: democracy, liberty, respect for fundamental freedom, respect for human rights and the rule of law.

As in any marketing campaign, buyers or users in this case future citizens are promised towers and flowers in a nice package, but what exactly did all the countries get by joining the EU?

They got all but their liberty. They lost their national integrity. Democracy they got is just a word that in practice means nothing, since even the people’s vote doesn’t count in making any decisions, and this was proved by the European Union treaty.

To join the union, countries need to show they have respect for human rights, democracy, the rule of law, rights of minorities, etc. Countries need to show they have a good and functional market economy and the capacity to deal with competition and what they also need is to show that they will effectively apply policies and rules of the EU.

Acession to the European Union is portrayed as a discovery of the new and better world. What a deception that is.

It is a start of the New World Order process, one that awaits the United States now and one that will await many countries in the period to come, all for one purpose–the destruction of the national Constitution and creation and control of the one world government.

Accession to the European Union Was a Starting Process
Europe and the rest of the world are continuously approaching the dystopian society, foreseen by English author George Orwell.

In his novel ”1984,” Orwell describes a repressive and totalitarian regime and he portrays a dominant government that uses force control and surveillance, a society where the rights of an individual are on its minimum. Decades back, while reading Orwell’s novel, nobody would have thought that the author would actually foresee what’s coming our way.

Similarities Of the EU and Nau
Acession to the European Union meant for all the countries which joined the destruction of the national Constitution. The European Union formation is the blueprint that’s being used for the North American Union–NAU Construction.In the acts of treason, the U.S. government is creating the NAU completely illegally by making massive changes to the administrative, regulatory and bureaucratic laws.

The government is basically re-writing the laws so that the corporate elite could benefit from it. This is by all means a classic form of fascism. The difference between the EU and the NAU creation seen so far is just the period of the creation. For the creation of the EU took about 55 years, while for the NAU creation will take only around 15 years. The Monopolists of the One World have already stated before the U.S. Congress that the borders will be eliminated by the year 2010. Are we aware of the outcome?

(Editors Note – “Accession” is a commonly misspelled word, this article has been written with the common misspelling so that people searching on the internet using the common misspelling, are able to find this information)

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