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Airport Security is Necessary to Protect the Nation

Does Airport Security Violate Our Constitutional Rights?

With the increased threat of terror, airport security is continuously being re-designed to try and ensure our safety aboard commercial flights.

But what is the limit when it comes to human rights? When does airport security become a violation of our rights? 

Developments in science and technology have paved the way for a new era of airport security which features advanced x-ray systems, computer aided passenger pre-screening systems and chemical bomb and drug detection that will ensure the safety of passengers aboard domestic and international flights.

However; while citizens are all proponents of enhanced airport security, they are not willing to give away their human rights as many of the new technologies such as backscatter x-ray machines are highly invasive and equate to x-ray vision.

Civil rights groups are arguing that the implementation of some of these technologies is a violation of our human rights and that it’s unfair to treat travelers like criminals when airport security staff are poorly educated, poorly trained and often not well screened.

The truth is, that staff employed at airports may be more likely to commit a terror offence than many passengers.

Security efforts need to be more coordinated to deal with terror threats, does this need to include over-zealous security staff, invasive technology and an over-reactive imagination.

Invasive Airport Security Techniques

Taking Stock of Airport Security Measures

After many attacks on the western world, airport security has had to be beefed up in order to combat the danger posed by the risk of terror aboard a flight.

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