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America’s War Against Terrorism Revealed

America’s War Against Terrorism is Fake. The US Government is the Terrorist; They Commit Terrorist Acts to Create Fear of Terror at Home to Control the Masses.

It is becoming widely known and accepted that Americas war against terrorism is a massive scam that has been perpetrated against the American people, and it will most likely continue as long as our fellow countrymen allow it.

The war against terrorism is not as young as 9/11, either. Evidence is mounting that an anti-terror plan was being worked on by government and the Pentagon for many years prior to the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

The 9/11 attacks were, however, the catalyst that set off the chain of events that have culminated in the American people becoming assumed criminals in their own country under a powerful oligarchic force that controls the government.

9/11 was not an attack by outside forces but a false flag attack by a putsch faction, or coup faction, within the U.S. government. Behind this so-called rogue network are extremely powerful forces who are reaping the benefits now of Americas war against terrorism.

Most of these people are known – they have names, faces, resumes and families, and this article will deal with their identities later.

They are extremely powerful, influential and, above all, super-wealthy individuals who have plans for the rest of humanity, and Americas war against terrorism is part of the plan.

Their plans are not new. They have been vaunted and promoted for at least the past 1,000 years, but never have their aims been so close to becoming reality.

They would like to see the end of nation states, the elimination of separate cultures and languages, the closing of borders and the annihilation of about nine-tenths of the world’s population.

They would like the remaining 500 million people to live in harmony with the environment and developing their spirituality.” There will be no useless officials. There will be a worldwide court and a one world government, with themselves in charge, of course.

While America has been useful to these people – they accumulated a great deal of their wealth, estimated to be half the wealth on earth, through ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Now the United States has become problematic (racial, crime, economic problems) and they have decided to discard it. They already own the presidency, congress and the Supreme Court. The war on terror dealt a massive blow to the Constitution, which the One World Government Club would like to see torn up and flushed down the toilet.

The attacks on 9/11 and the resultant introduction of Americas war on terrorism allowed them to introduce completely unconstitutional legislation with a view to gaining an iron grip on the American population by creating a totalitarian government.

Different Levels of Engineering
It does not even matter if you believe that Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden were the perpetrators of the attacks on 9/11. These were in any case creatures of the U.S. government in the form of the CIA so it is entirely possible they were permitted to carry out their plans and were assisted by the CIA.

A day later, Americas war against terrorism was officially declared. A few days later the government started to put in place legislation for the war on terror, which was aimed not at foreigners but at the American people themselves, where everyone is a suspect until the government decides otherwise.

Americas War Against Terrorism
Oligarchy is a power structure where the greatest political power effectively resides in a small segment of the population who are typically the most powerful, and the current situation in the United States, Europe and Great Britain and the West now match this definition.

The populations of these countries and regions are now completely servile and the governments themselves are mere puppets in the hands of the real powers.

Who’s Behind the Fabrication?
There are certain networks of ancient families that intersect with memberships of ancient societies who form the backbone of the powers that would rule the world. The names Windsor, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan and Warburg are just some of these families.

These people also have a more public face in the Bilderberg Group, the Rand Corporation and the Council of Foreign Relations. If you investigate these organizations you will be able to identify the families making up this selected and super-powerful elite group.

Members of this group own the mainstream media in the Western world. It is instructive to read, watch and listen to mainstream TV, radio and press. There you will get a clear message of what this group has planned for the world.

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  • Matthew Ronald Schampers March 4, 2023 Reply

    The us government is torturing me by not letting me use the bathroom, making me sick all day and night and coercing me with a mind control substance with chemicals from where I work. Also stuck magnets of the fridge of the hospital inside me and called it a world leader tactic while letting people in a jail facility with national spy bugs talk with friends and play with my body functions.

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