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Applications for the Invention of the Microchip

How the Invention of the Microchip Changed our Lives.

When the microchip was first invented few people ever imagined that it would become what it is today.

Microchips are everywhere and they are used in all sorts of different applications.

Microchip technology has made computers possible and the same technology is also found in numerous other machines.

The microchips that people refer to the elite using are miniature chips which are implanted under the skin.

These are RFID chips which emit radio waves so that they can be detected.

Although microchip implants aren’t common in humans yet the elite want to change all that.

The elite are desperate to make us accept microchip implant technology and are trying to convince us by making them normal.

Our pets are implanted with microchips so that if we ever lose them the chances of finding them again will be much better.

We are sold on the idea of microchipping our pets because we only ever hear positive information about it.

Most of the information that we ever hear about microchipping animals is very positive and few people ever mention any negative problems.

The elite are desperate to use microchips in humans because they will be able to track our every move.

Tracking us is important for the elite because they want to find out exactly what we are doing.

The elites long term aim is to create a police state and to make that possible they need to follow us around.

The Invention of the Microchip


The elite don’t have to rely on the invention of the microchip to track us. There are actually plenty of other ways that the elite can already track and monitor us.

The elite have invested huge sums of money in tracking systems which are supposedly for our own good. These include security cameras, satellites and wire taps.

Whenever the elite want to improve their tracking systems all they need to do is create an excuse.

They simply threaten us with something and scare us into believing that we really do need help.


Humans don’t like the sound of implanted microchips which is proving a problem for the invention of the microchip.

The elites plan is to encourage us that the technology is safe and useful by testing it on our pets.

They will also show us that we need to use implant chips so that we can stay safe and secure in our own country.

Chips will eventually be an essential part of daily life which will force everyone to get one.

What’s more the elite will even be able to switch your chip off if you start causing them problems.

Once they have switched your chip off you wont be able to do anything because by then society will be so reliant upon the new technology.

The invention of the microchip will continue to change the world as we know it but not necessarily for the better.

The elite will be able to use microchips to keep tabs on us and find out exactly where we are.

The only way that we can stop the elite’s plans is if we start questioning what’s really going on instead of just lying down and taking what they give us.

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