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Are Organic Foods Healthier Than Commercial Foods?

Are Organic Foods Healthier Than the Cheaper Commercial Foods? Food Without Poison on it is Better Than Food With Poison on it; Seems Pretty Simple.

Are organic foods healthier than commercially produced foods? Although modern chemistry is able to generate greater yield, the the fact is that genetically altered crops are tainted by technology that can be hazardous to human health and well being. The truth is that Organic foods taste better, and it’s because they contain the nutrients our bodies need, and they are farmed using the wisdom of mother nature.

Genetically altered foods are something scientists and biotechnicians cooked up using the latest chemical and or genetic manipulation. The pesticides and chemicals have warnings all over them should you pick up a can of raid or some other product the warnings about do not get on clothes, hands, feet, skin, eyes and do not even breathe these toxic chemicals in.

Commercial growers go around protected from head to foot as they spray these poisons upon our food. Mother nature knows how to allow animal manure, decaying plants and other natural decaying materials to seep back into the soil strengthening the nutrients in the soil to revitalize the next growth cycle of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Commercial growers sterilize the soil, keep the animals, insects and nature away from the crops using chemicals that are deadly to animals and humans alike while messing about with the seeds to ensure sterility and loss of nutrition.

The chemicals are used to make the fruit or vegetable look more appealing therefore more marketable and the added chemicals have nothing to do with supplying healthy nutrients. As a matter of fact, they deplete the needed minerals and vitamins. The answer to are organic foods healthier than eating pesticides and chemicals would be a resounding yes.

Monsanto Aggressive Political Lobbying an Enemy of Organic Farmers and Anti-Globalist

The harder we fight to eat and live healthy lives, the more it seems the Monsanto multinational corporation based in America seems to lobby against us.

This monster corporation develops and markets genetically engineered seeds and bovine growth hormones along with other forms of toxins and manipulations to and with our food chain.

Their aggressive lobbying and litigation efforts have now convinced our corporate Congress to write two bills that are designed to kill any organic farming that is happening in our nation.

How will they do this? They would accomplish their goal by nationalizing farming and giving a brand new FDA the authority to shut down any farming that does not comply with their laws and standards. The laws are vague and broad enough to allow the FDA to determine what is in compliance and what is not.

Monsanto is sponsoring these bills and it is not difficult to comprehend the support will be for biotechnology and chemical warfare rather than for pure and healthy organic food.

Anti- Globalist are Up in Arms about this Latest Development

How does all of this answer the question are organic foods healthier? Yes, they are healthier if the land and the animals and the fertilizers and the seeds remain natural and not tampered with.

The answer is no if everything natural becomes infested with the manipulations of the bank cartel’s biotech and multinational corporations. The question becomes a moot one should the globalist succeed in completely eradicating organic farming.

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