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Assessment In Mental Health Practices On The Rise

Practices of Assessment in Mental Health Are Pushing a Hidden Agenda. Doctors of the NWO Use Mental Health Assessments as a Shakedown for Money.

Today, receiving an assessment in mental health is commonplace in America. The field of psychology and psychiatry has changed from one in which doctors put the needs of their patients first.

Today, doctors and psychologists are being pressured by insurance companies and big wig HMO’s to provide mental health assessments that aren’t necessary. Nowadays, just about anyone can be forced into an assessment in mental health, for your job, custody dispute, workers compensation claim, social security or disability claims, and even unemployment benefits for some.

The reason for this is that the mere act of a mental health assessment costs money, money that goes right back into the doctor’s pockets, but it doesn’t stop there.

The rising costs of health care and the current economic crisis have put doctors in a tough position when it comes to trying to make the same kind of money that they used to make. So they are finding other means, and “reasons” to put their patients through unnecessary evaluations or tests to recoup their income lost.

The result for Americans is a moral vacuum that doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller as more and more psychologists and doctors abandon all professional and ethical standards of treatment just to keep their jobs.

Even doctors today are disillusioned by the health care system, and with more and more restrictions to their own practice, they feel they are being forced into these mental health evaluations.

At the end of the day, patients are forgotton as individuals, and doctors and psychologists are ‘saving themselves’ by aligning with big government money and big business as the patient becomes the underdog.

The Real Cost of Psychiatric Screening

The real costs of an assessment in mental health for the average American is being ignored by today’s health profession. These costs can not be put into dollar values and cents quantifications, but are much more significant.

When an individual unnecessarily undergoes a mental health evaluation, one that is based on corrupt and biased motivations, this individual will experience unnecessary emotional and mental harm.

Even for the emotionally strong, an un-needed mental health assessment can devastate the most healthy individual, and even drive them to mental health concerns that were not there before the tests were ordered.

If you try to avoid this and fight the assessment in mental health, you may find yourself in court. At this time, a doctor, not necessarily your own, may testify against you whether or not they’ve reviewed your case, or whether or not they’ve even met you.

The Courts Won’t Save You

What you can expect in court as you try to defend yourself, is that facts will be ignored, truth will be distorted, and defamatory summaries and reports may even be written about you that will follow you your entire life.

And this is standard procedure on a good day. On a bad day, you may even be charged with contempt if they think you are trying to fight the system too hard. Doctors have an unassumed credibility and thus no matter what they say, they WILL be protected in court, long before you are.

All of this will happen as doctors and their lawyers work to abuse mental health evaluations so that they can benefit from the governmental bodies that will pay them to do so. The mental health system is being abused in America today. What do we need to do to make it stop?

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  • February 1, 2020 Reply

    We need to make changes? In the form of we the people wont stand for this crap and start to speak up and defend ourselves as a whole not in singles n let our so called government know things need to change and the more people know about this the better

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