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Barack Obama Acceptance Speech Chicago

The Barack Obama Acceptance Speech Chicago Showed Off Obama and Highlighted the Fans Obama Has on His Side.

The Barack Obama acceptance speech Chicago was another tool in the Obama propaganda machine to make Americans think he was the man that was going to bring change to Washington. He symbolized change and hope and he was going to give people something to dream for again, no matter what their color, gender or sexual orientation. Now that the speech is over, people are finally beginning to realize they were duped by a man with smooth words and charisma and the speech was just business as usual.

The Barack Obama acceptance speech Chicago was presented to a crowd that thought they were in front of a celebrity instead of the next president, and as they cried and screamed his name, one had to wonder if they realized who he is and what he would do once he took office. Obama is a socialist, and no matter how he tries to mask his policies and what he tries to get people to believe, he will still be a socialist and that will be proven in his policies. He quickly showed his socialist beliefs in the stimulus bill, where he increased welfare benefits in order to make the United States a nation of poverty that completely depends on the government. He also quickly showed what it meant to be a celebrity as a president, as he was able to do anything he wanted to do during his first 100 days in the White House without any opposition from the citizens of the United States.

Those who watched Barack Obama acceptance speech Chicago could see all of this coming, because he did not simply give a speech but he continued on with brainwashing the citizens of the United States so they would follow his beliefs and ignore anything they heard that was bad about him. Obama needs the people on his side so he can promote his socialist agenda, and that is exactly what he is doing. He is recruiting the people so he can get whatever he wants and he has the elite and the media on his side so he can get anything done that he needs to get done in order to further the agenda of the elite.

Speech and Celebrity

The Barack Obama acceptance speech Chicago blended politics and celebrity. Politics and celebrity do not have a place together, and yet Obama has used celebrity as a way to get elected. People love him because they are brainwashed by his celebrity.

People think he’s a celebrity that should be admired, and because of that they fail to look at his politics. They fail to see who he really is and that is why he got their vote.

Future Speeches

Obama is a man of words and he will continue to use speeches as a way to manipulate the public. He has already had several speeches on TV and he is continuing to win people over on a daily basis.

People need to look past the words and see what Obama really stands for. Those who like socialism can support Obama, but those who are against it should take a look at the direction Obama is going to take the country.

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