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California Under Attack

California Under Attack

It’s happening again! If you missed my last post about this back in October, check it out here. Take a look at the devastation in the photos below.

California Under Attack

Does that look like a forest fire to you?  The trees are untouched. 

California Under Attack

A firefighter battles a wildfire as it burns along a hillside near homes in Santa Paula, California, on December 5, 2017. Fast-moving, wind-fueled brush fire exploded to about 10,000 acres in Ventura County Monday night, forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes, officials said. / AFP PHOTO / RINGO CHIURINGO CHIU/AFP/Getty Images

Destruction to a concrete Applebee’s restaurant from a “Forest Fire” in Santa Rosa, California. Outfitted with the latest fireproofing sprinkler systems. “Embers jumped the Freeway,” the Government says. But not one tree touched.

Gov. Jerry Brown has a sobering message for Southern Californians after a week of raging wildfires:

“This is your new normal.” he said, adding that extreme fire activity will happen on a regular basis for decades.

“With climate change, some scientists are saying that Southern California is literally burning up.”

Oh really?  Is this a cryptic message indicating they will be starting more fires with their hidden technology? Then blame it on climate change?   California is already becoming a communist state with the implementation of SB277 and the disgusting Hollywood cesspool of perverts and pedophiles.  If I were residing in California I’d get the hell out now and never look back.

A half dozen fires have collectively scorched nearly 200,000 acres since last week and destroyed 792 structures, according to officials.

The red stuff coming out of that plane is a chemical (bromine) based retardant that is toxic to groundwater and animals.It is provided by ICL (Israel chemical Ltd) who acquired the contract 4 years ago just before all these fires started. I should add all European countries have banned this substance for use on fires. The United States and Canada allow Israel to spray this on us. 

Yet meanwhile, we have half the country or more praising Israel cheering on the capital being moved to Jerusalem.  It’s mind blowing that some still cannot see that Israel is hell-bent on destroying America and using us as cannon fodder. 

I wonder if spraying bromine then using directed energy weapons is part of their plan of destruction.  Check out the videos below and decide for yourself.  Regardless of what details may be, I think most of us can agree these are not forest fires occurring naturally.

If this doesn’t wake people up I do not know what will.  AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK!

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