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Cancer-Causing TETRA Wave

TETRA Wave Radiation Created by Elite Ruling Class to Make You Sick, Force Citizens into Medical Industrial Complex!

Why is it that we do not hear more about the dangers of TETRA cell phone signals?

For anyone suffering more than the inconvenience of TV interference, the specific health concerns around what is referred to as pulsed TETRA wave radiation, and in particular its frequency, are what matter most.

Many people suffer adverse health reactions as soon as their local masts are switched on.

Whether you are suffering or not, they need your help, understanding, and action.

This is a national scandal, and your inaction could mean, at worst and from long-term chronic exposure, the deaths of many people.

We look back at tobacco, asbestos, Thalidomide, CJD, and we can all remember the early denials, the research, the arguments, before finally action was taken.

Many people had died, many more were disabled, and financial claims on the dogmatic perpetrators have run into many millions.

But there is enough research to suggest that extreme caution must be exercised before TETRA is implemented, not after.

Every time a piece of research suggests risk, the call goes out for more research.

Not a pause, not precaution, more research, while the effects continue to be felt.


Dangerous TETRA Wave Radiation Can Kill

The signal from base stations and handsets is carried on a microwave frequency at 380 to 400MHz.

If that, like commercial mobile phones and masts concerns you, then this is no different at that level.

Except that 400Mhz is more penetrative than the 900MHz to 2GHz of mobile phones, and is the resonant frequency of an average adult skull.

The signal or message is imprinted on this carrier wave in compressed bursts.

Each TETRA handset sends these bursts out 17.64 times a second (Hz).

The burst is so short that three other handset signals can slot in around it to form a group of four, so the masts can receive and transmit four bursts for every one that each handset produces.

This group is called a frame, and the frames themselves are grouped in 18’s (multi-frames) with a break at zero power.

TETRA Wave Can Make You Sick

TETRA fills up empty slots, so even if four handsets are not in communication, the same pattern continues.

Therefore TETRA masts pulse at 70.56Hz (4 x 17.64).

However, in this pattern the first and last pulses are not separated, so there is a steady rhythm ‘di-di-dah-di-di-dah, 17.64 times a second. The music of TETRA?

Our bodies recognize patterns and rhythms and frequencies exceptionally well: this is not raw energy, it is information to us, interfering with our own informational bio-electro-magnetic systems.

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