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Blog Category: Education

Take Responsibility

I’m tired.  Really tired.  I bet most of you all are too.  Look at the state of the world, the state of the human race, and the state of American society.  It’s maddening.  It’s saddening.  It’s exhausting. Every day I see numerous social media posts with people slurring insults at one another in what seems

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5 Traps Used to Shut Down and Limit Human Consciousness

The human condition at present is one of slavery, a new kind of slavery, where bondage is psychological and spiritual rather than physical. Human consciousness is the target in a broad war of control where people willingly acquiesce to social conditions which clearly fail to serve their best interests, even doing them harm. We accept

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Losing My Religion

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a long time. Since I’ve been “woke” I do not view religion the same at all. This is a touchy subject that easily offends believers and causes people to lash out and dismiss what I am saying. The political correctness of cultural Marxism has made this

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Why Everyone Should Meditate NOT Medicate

Before the pharma trolls accuse me of giving bad medical advice(medicate) let me just state it is never safe to just stop taking a drug cold turkey. This is in no way shape or form to be considered medical advice. This writer’s opinions are her own. I’m simply just sharing information. What you do with

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Are We In A Simulation? Down The Rabbit Hole

Have you ever felt like we are living in a simulation version of reality and the real reality is being kept from us? Many of Silicon Valley’s tech elites feel the same way, so much so that two of these billionaires decided to reach out to scientists in order to help them break free from

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Distorted History: Who Are The Aryans?

Today, the word ‘Aryan’ is loaded with all sorts of a negative connotation, largely due to Nazi ideology, Aryans have become associated with racial hierarchies that consider white, blonde, blue-eyed peoples superior. This served as a very useful propaganda tool in seeming historic realities. However, it is not factual. We have let our society fall

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