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Blog Category: Telecommunications

Neuropsychiatrist Discovers Telepathic Abilities In Autistic Child & Films It On Camera

By: Arjun Walia What we label as autism covers a vast spectrum. One autistic child may be able to communicate perfectly and perform normal daily life tasks, while others can barely move, and still others can’t communicate at all. You also have children under this label known as autistic child “savants” who show extraordinary abilities.  This

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Google’s True Origin Closely Tied to the CIA

“Google styles itself as a friendly, funky, user-friendly tech firm that rose to prominence through a combination of skill, luck, and genuine innovation. This is true. But it is a mere fragment of the story. In reality, Google is a smokescreen behind which lurks the US military-industrial complex.” ~ Nafeez Ahmed, “How the CIA made

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The Oldest Song In The World – A Sumerian Hymn Written 3500 Years Ago (Listen)

Music is a very special gift that people from all around the world, from various cultures and from every socio-economic class, enjoy. Human beings have been creating and listening to music for thousands of years, it is almost an essential part of our being. The oldest song in English still sung today is Sumer is

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The Feds Just Indicted A Man for Behaving Exactly Like the Feds

Written by Carey Wedler A few years ago, a popular meme asserted that: “if you behaved like your government, you’d be arrested.” A recent 16-count indictment issued by the Department of Justice against an Ohio man proves just that. The feds just indicted A man for behaving exactly like the feds In a press release issued Wednesday, the

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Group Meditation CAN Change The World Around Us

Meditation has the potential to literally transform the world. In 1978, what is known as the “Maharishi Effect” took place when a group of 7000 individuals over the course of 3 weeks were meditating in hopes of positively effecting the surrounding city. They were able to literally transform the collective energy of the city which

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Mass Surveillance: Facebook Recognition A.I. Will Use Your Own Biometrics Against You

By Mac Slavo Sometime this year, Facebook plans to unveil a new facial recognition technology across the site which uses artificial intelligence to scan uploaded photos to analyze and recognize faces based on images previously uploaded to the site. But this is nothing more than a mass surveillance technique. According to Natural News, this sneaky surveillance technique will

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