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Blog Category: Telecommunications

Everything Changes At 33: Numerology & Occult Symbolism

No number holds more esoteric significance than “33.” The number three is significant in all major religions. There is a Trinity for Christians, and a Triple Goddess for the ancients. The number 33 was important to secret societies and is often concealed within significant literary works. Numerology. The Celts believed that everything happens in threes. The

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If you have ever started your own business or created a website for yourself then you already know the importance of a logo or symbols.  It’s easier to remember the logo of a company than it’s the actual name.  The subconscious mind is much more powerful than we realize.   There are symbols everywhere.   We

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Cracking The Code: Mysteries Of The Human Genome Revealed

Cracking The Code: What if we’ve been looking in all the wrong places for the truth about how we came into existence on this rock? As with just about every other topic this is yet another one that is extremely polarized.  Creation or Evolution? What if both are wrong? It would make sense that if

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