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Child Adolescent Mental Health Service Workers are Playing a Major Role in the Unnecessary Drugging of American Youth

The Child Adolescent Mental Health Service And Their Treatment of Nonexistent Mental Health Conditions.

The pharmaceutical companies have teamed up the government program for child adolescent mental health service to drug the children of America for a disease that does not exist.

Millions of children are being prescribed medication for a disease that is all reality sums up to them being kids. Kids throughout time have had energy and a short attention span.

Now all of a sudden when children are hyper they are found to have a mental illness and are prescribed poisons that alter their mental state.

Even the packaging on the medications that are being prescribed say it is not meant to be given to children because the drugs have not been tested on children.

The pharmaceutical companies and the doctors who are prescribing the medication do not know what these drugs are doing to your children.

Look at the side effects on these medication and you will find that children who are on these medications are prone to violent attacks or committing suicide.

Is this something you want your kid on because they cannot pay attention to adults that they do not want to listen to in the first place?

With the help of the child adolescent mental health service the government is creating a society of people who do not have the mental aptitude to make coherent decisions.

The government is creating a society where children are killing other children because of the medication they are being given for an illness that is nonexistent.

Children are looking to their parents for guidance and the same parents are taking them to doctors who are labeling them mentally ill and poisoning them.

Parents with the help of doctors are playing into the government’s plans of creating a generation that they can control with mind altering medication.

This will make it much easier for them when they unleash their plans to make America a police state where no one has rights in fact the government, with the help of the child adolescent mental health service, is trying to make it mandatory to have your child tested for their mental illness.

The Truth About ADHD from Their Mouth!

ADHA and ADD Testing in America

Millions of children are being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD in America and being given medication to combat the disease.

However even the doctors that are prescribing the medication admit that there is no test for ADD and ADHD. They are simply watching your children and deciding if they need to be poisoned.

The government has teamed up with the pharmaceutical companies in America and have found a way that they can control your children while allowing the elite that own the pharmaceutical companies to become richer.

These companies are making millions off of innocent families that are led to believe their children are sick.

Wake Up America

It is time in America where parents wake up and challenge the child adolescent mental health service and their stance on ADD and ADHD.

After all, would you treat your child for cancer if there were no test that let you know they actually had a disease?

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